When Will My Chicken Soup Arrive?

We realize the health and care of your loved ones can be a time sensitive issue. Our goal is to get your order out as quickly as possible. Orders received after our 1:00pm MDT deadline will ship the following day. We currently ship Monday – Friday and shipping days are business days only.

Once your order is placed you can depend on us to do the rest!

From the time they are surprised with the package at the door, through sitting down and enjoying our delicious soup, we want your loved ones to feel the warmth and care you are sending them.

What Kind of Packaging Will My Chicken Noodle Soup Ship In?

We are passionate about our packaging. It has been designed to feel personal – to feel that thought and care go into each and every one, because in fact it does.

From the beautiful custom note card and floral “wrap” to the hand-tied cheerful yellow polka dot ribbon adorning the soup. Careful attention has been paid to every detail to ensure your thoughtfulness continues long after the last spoonful of soup has been enjoyed.

Every gift is packaged for temperature control and safety with insulated liners and gel packs to ensure that the soup remains chilled throughout the delivery cycle. Once it arrives, the receiver is instructed to refrigerate and enjoy within 2-3 days. If they like it is fine to freeze any leftovers!

Packages are “driver released” and will be left at the door.

What Time of Day Will My Soup Be Delivered?

Office deliveries are guaranteed to arrive by end of business. Home deliveries are guaranteed to arrive by 7:30pm. Please keep in mind that holidays will affect our shipping schedules.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@spoonfulofcomfort.com or call us at 877-404-7678.

Gourmet Soups Delivered

Even if you are in a different state, you can still send a meal that will brighten someone's day with our delivery services. Whether you live far away or you simply do not have the time to make a homemade meal, you can rest easy knowing that our mail order soup will reach them in excellent condition and in perfect time to bring a smile to their face. For something that takes so little effort on your part, it means so much to the recipients and they can feel everything you've been wanting to say.

When you send soup to a loved one, it goes beyond words, beyond what they are expecting from a card, and shows them the depth of your concern. They will be touched by the thought, and have likely never received something so unique and yet perfectly tailored for their situation. With gourmet soups delivered right to them, you can turn a sad situation into a comforting reminder of your love and thoughtfulness.

Regardless of your location or proximity to the person you want the soup delivered to, with help from Spoonful of Comfort, you can make sure they know you are thinking of them. It is like walking into your mother's kitchen, and having her care for you like when you were a little child. As adults, we can't always experience this, but with the homemade soup delivered from Spoonful of Comfort, they can feel their mother's comfort again from your gesture. It is simple, delicious and perfect for sending your love.

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