5 Netflix Series to Binge Watch on a Sick Day

If you’re one of those mystical creatures capable of surviving the winter without needing a single sick day, we want to know your secrets ASAP. But if you’re a mere mortal like us, you know that sometimes taking a day to rest, recover, and binge-watch something great on Netflix is just what the doctor ordered. (They just forgot to include a Netflix session on your prescription, that’s all.) Need something new to enjoy next time you’re under the weather? We’ve got you covered. From laugh-out-loud comedies to q docuseries sure to awaken your inner wanderlust, you’ll feel better in no time. As they say, a Netflix series a day keeps the doctor away, right?


New York Times Magazine’s food columnist and culinary expert Samin Norsat really, really loves food. In her Netflix series, she travels around the world to discover how different cultures incorporate the four main flavors (salt, fat, acid, heat) essential to great tasting dishes. From Italy to Japan to her home in Berkley California, Norsat’s lighthearted and enthusiastic personality makes following her around the world fun, and she might even convince you to try something new in your own kitchen. Warning: this show will make you hungry, so be prepared to relax with some snacks of your own. 

2. Derry Girls

Set in Northern Ireland during the tumultuous 1990’s, Derry Girls follows a group of teenage girls (seemingly) more concerned with surviving high school than the political conflict that surrounds them. Their day to day adventures are the perfect blend of quirky, heart-warming, and irreverent, and you’ll find yourself feeling both charmed and mortified on their behalf. This is the perfect show to binge watch during a sick day when your own kids are away at school, allowing you can laugh freely at the misdeeds of fictional teenagers getting in and out of all sorts of hilarious trouble. 

3. The Good Place

Turns out life after death can be a little awkward. And hilarious. When Eleanor Shellstrop dies in a freak grocery-cart accident, she finds herself in “The Good Place,” where frozen yogurt is always available, and everyone gets a perfect soulmate. Except, Eleanor didn’t exactly live a life worthy of eternal bliss. Turns out she was kind of a jerk, and she’s taken someone else’s rightful spot. Somehow, she’ll have to figure out how to navigate heaven without raising to much he**. We promise you’ll laugh your ash off, even on your worst sick day. (Fun fact: there’s no forking swearing in “The Good Place.”)

4. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

She’s back! This animated reboot of the 1990’s cult classic is better than ever, and the perfect show to watch if you’re binge watching with a sick big kid or pre-teen. (Especially when the alternative might be watching a series of inane YouTube stars film themselves eating cereal…) Clever, full of great jokes, and chock-full of girl-power, you might find yourself watching some episodes on your own, no sick kids necessary. It really is that fun.

5. One Day at a Time

Netflix is killing it in the reboot department, and this revival of a beloved 1970’s sitcom is no exception. The series follows Penelope, an army veteran and single mom living with her feisty mother and two teenage kids. While the subject matter might feel complicated—the series addresses issues like divorce, parenting, and the elusive pursuit of work/life balance— the stellar cast and pitch-perfect jokes make this show a family-friendly favorite you can indulge in without guilt. 

Of course, any good sick day wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of soup and a dessert perfect for curing any sweet tooth. And if you’ve got a friend recovering from a winter cold, recent surgery, or simply a taking a well-deserved mental health day, help make their sick day feel a little better with a Spoonful of Comfort care package. We’ve found that our home-style soups, freshly baked rolls, fix-everything cookies are the perfect remedy for any sick-day blues, and as always, we’re happy to help you share a little love with the important people in your life. 

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