The Importance of Connecting with Colleagues

The “new normal” these days means a new way to work. People getting things done at home. Teams operating virtually. The proverbial water cooler standing lonely. With many companies in large cities not expecting a return to physical offices this year, workplace culture is being reshaped. And it matters. Before social distancing became a part… Read more »

Comfort in Corporate Culture

Company culture may be a business buzzword. But the relationships among employees, teams, and customers are very real—and very human.  They need care, too. With pressures and stresses that continue to evolve in so many workplaces, we’ve found inspiration in the way many companies are reaching out to their employees and to their clientele. Here… Read more »

How Be Gifted At Gifting: Corporate Best Practices

For all the technology, forward-thinking, and innovation in the business world, sending a gift should be on the easy list, right?  Maybe not. If you think about it, corporate gifts cover many occasions, people, and places. Even with the purest motive, there’s potential to unintentionally mix up office politics, or sound like you’re brown-nosing or… Read more »

ETA help for EOY gifts

End-of-year reports, final quarter deadlines—and now you need a last-minute company gift? Never fear. Spoonful of Comfort has just the range of gifts and shipping options to keep the hectic weeks of December on track. If you haven’t already ordered holiday greetings for customers, clients, vendors, or staff, our gifts of soup and sweets are… Read more »


The Benefits of Business | Why You Should Have a Corporate Gifting Account

People love the unique experience of Spoonful of Comfort care packages—and they’re just as appropriate for business gifting as they are for friends and family. (Just ask Sokol Insurance!) Not only can we offer a memorable gift for your company, Spoonful of Comfort makes planning and sending gifts to clients, vendors, and employees incredibly easy.… Read more »

Gifts To Be Seen (And Remembered)

You want to thank your customers for their business this year and wish them happy holidays—but so does everyone else. The holiday season becomes so full of greeting cards and goodies, it can be hard for your company to be heard and seen. However, companies that choose Spoonful of Comfort consistently receive not just thank… Read more »

Homestyle for the Holidays Gift Package

Get Ahead on Corporate Gifting

It’s November: That means it’s the last stretch of the year. Often, the last fiscal quarter. And probably, when the last of your energy gets sapped before December is even here! Managing your company’s holiday gifts adds to that craziness. At Spoonful of Comfort, we’ve got a few ways to make corporate gifting less stressful—because… Read more »

Surprising Truths About Employee Satisfaction

Your business depends on your employees. And they depend on you, too—but maybe for different reasons than you think. Work Institute, a leading HR consultancy, estimates 42 million employees will leave their jobs in 2018. More surprising is that nearly 77% of that turnover could have been prevented by employers. So what are companies missing?… Read more »