Spoonful of Stories: A Heart-Warming House Warming

Searching for a new house. Moving. Sometimes up the street, and sometimes across four states. Starting out with an organized packing system, and ending with boxes full of everything from old cords to priceless family heirlooms.  Figuring out how to get your favorite couch down a narrow flight of stairs. Deciding that your favorite couch… Read more »

This Brunch Box Makes The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Imagine this: Mother’s Day brunch at the neighborhood’s cutest café, and you’ve got the place all to yourselves. No reservations necessary, no long waits for a table squished in the corner, just you and your mom (and maybe a favorite sibling,) spending time reconnecting and enjoying the morning together. Or maybe your best friend and… Read more »

5 Gifts That Tell Your Gal Pals You Totally Get Them

She’s been your best friend since first grade, when you bonded over your mutual determination to master double-dutch jump rope. Or maybe she’s your coworker-turned-work-spouse, and together you’re conquering the world. However you became friends, celebrate your relationship with some creative gifts that remind your best gal pal that you’re always on their team. Here’s… Read more »

3 Ways to Customize Your Spoonful Gift Box

We believe that when it comes to celebrating exciting life events, expressing love, or showing genuine appreciation, a small and personal act of kindness is often the most memorable and the most meaningful. In addition to our Soups and Sentiments care packages, we’ve created a unique collection of thoughtful add-on gifts, carefully chosen to make… Read more »

Easy Peasy Grape Poppers: Perfect for Your Next Party

The scene: you’re throwing a last-minute barbecue for some friends who came into town unexpectedly and want to catch-up. Being the excellent hostess you are, you want some fun snacks to keep people happy until the grill heats up. Or, maybe you’re on hostess duty for a Sunday baby shower and need a quick appetizer… Read more »

Beat the Heat with This Adorable Lemonade Gift Basket

What if one quick trip to the grocery store gave you everything you need for a unique yet simple summertime gift? Something everyone—a party hostess, new neighbors, grandkids, those delightfully entrepreneurial minded nieces and nephews— is certain to love and appreciate. Well hey, good news, one quick trip to the grocery store is exactly what… Read more »


This DIY BBQ Sauce Will Win The Neighborhood Potluck

Happy summer, everyone! The season for eating every meal outside, grilling every type of food imaginable, and celebrating the summer holidays with neighborhood block parties, family barbecues, and last-minute potluck dinners with friends. Wondering what to bring to your next summer gathering? Whether you’ve recently relocated to a new neighborhood and want to make a… Read more »

New Couples will Love this Cute Crockpot Wedding Gift

Hold on everyone, it’s wedding season—a wonderful time of year filled with bridal showers, matching bachelorette party t-shirts, and gift registries rivaling a Dickens novel in length. Wedding mania jokes aside, it’s always fun to celebrate couples and families coming together, and finding the perfect wedding gift is one of many ways to show your… Read more »