Holiday Shipping Cheat Sheet

Friends, we live in a world where you can get your groceries delivered to your house, and a package filled with your favorite cleaning supplies and designer shoes a mere two days after you order them. It’s a great time to be alive. It’s also a great time to remember that despite the magic of… Read more »

Holiday Gift Boxes: We’ve got Something for Everyone!

No seriously. Everyone. No matter how long the gift list, we are your one-stop shop for some serious Holiday merrymaking. Check out our incredible selection of seasonal gift sets, and spend the rest of the season enjoying quality time with friends, family, and all the Hallmark Movies your heart desires… Simply Sweet Wishes Good things… Read more »

Homemade Soup and Handcrafted Love

Christmas Trees are a big deal in the Wymer household. How big? We’re talking multiple trees throughout the house big, going out on the coldest, darkest, night of the year to search for the perfect tree big, make-the-Griswold-family-look-like-Scrooge big. This is serious holiday business!  For those who know Spoonful of Comfort’s founders Steve and Marti… Read more »

Sharing Thanks-caring

We hope you’re spending the holiday with all your favorite people eating all your favorite foods. We love a day dedicated to showing gratitude and love, but we also know there’s more than one way to celebrate the important relationships in our lives. So if you’re far away from loved ones this year, celebrate Thanks-caring—… Read more »

How to DIY One Amazing Chocolate Strawberry Feast

Love those gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries you can buy from high end chocolatiers, but wish you were fancy enough to DIY them? You are! We’ve gathered 4 totally simple ideas for gorgeous giftable strawberries so easy, you can make them at home in 60 minutes or less. Even if you’re not a total Martha! Even if… Read more »

DIY Granola Gift Basket: The Perfect Gift to Support Those Healthy New Years Resolutions

Have a friend or family member who’s set big goals to get healthy this year? Making resolutions can be exciting in the first week of January, but somewhere in the middle of the month, midwinter doldrums hit. And healthy resolutions can feel pretty hard to stick to. But not with you around. Because, you love… Read more »