peace of mind

3 Ways to Relax and Reinvent Yourself

The holidays are fast approaching. While the holidays are undeniably entertaining and full of love, they can also be overwhelming. For many, the holidays are immediately followed by a vacation. But while you’re “in the thick of it,” can you afford to be away with so much going on this holiday season? Until you find… Read more »

happy family

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving, observed every fourth Thursday of November, is one of the widely celebrated holidays in our country. This event traces its roots back around 150 years ago when the Pilgrims joined the Native Americans to gather for a successful harvest. With this holiday being rich in history, many families have created historical family traditions of… Read more »

butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash Soup Is Back!

When it’s cold outside, can you think of the perfect soup that’s soothing and calming to the body and mind? Perhaps, we’re thinking the same thing. Butternut Squash Soup! This delicious, heart-warming soup is ever-popular during the fall and winter seasons. That’s why we at Spoonful of Comfort are bringing back this sought after delight.… Read more »

halloween comfort food

Halloween Comfort Food

Are you having a Halloween party this year? As your friends come ready for entertainment, why not entertain their stomach, too, with delicious Halloween comfort food? Just imagine… Your friends arrive at your home on a dark night. The main light originates from flashing jack-o-lanterns and spooky faced illuminating presences as they advance towards your… Read more »

help breast cancer patients

5 Ways to Help Breast Cancer Patients

In our last segment of articles recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we extend ideas that you can consider in helping friends and family that are going through breast cancer treatment. Life is hard enough to muscle through. Having cancer makes it harder. With any disease, even the simplest of chores, like cooking and cleaning, fall… Read more »

Breast Cancer Awarenes Friendship

Being a Friend

In our second segment recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we talk about how being a friend is often all that is needed to help someone going through cancer treatment. A simple smile can warm the heart of somebody experiencing chemotherapy. Scientists at the University of Kansas investigated the potential benefits of smiling. What was suggested… Read more »

breast cancer get well gifts

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we wanted to do our part to spread awareness and offer simple ways to help those in your life that may be affected by this disease. Receiving a cancer diagnosis changes everything in life. Vacations need to be postponed, schedules adjusted, big plans paused. How do you take… Read more »