Movies To Watch When Sick [21 Feel Good Films to Cheer]

There’s nothing worse than getting sick, and this time of year illness often claims the best of us. The downside is that you may have to miss school or work. The upside is curling up on the couch with a bowl of hot soup and watching an old favorite movie while you recuperate. With homemade vaporub on the bedside table, a pack of freshly baked cookies on tap, and a list of flicks just waiting to be watched, what started out as a bad case of the flu may just turn into a pretty good day of recovering from seasonal sniffles.

6 Best Movies to Watch on a Sick Day

One of the best ways to fight a cold or the flu is with hot chicken noodle soup. It soothes, comforts and cures, and it also tastes great. So grab a bowl of soup and a blanket and then pick one (or two or three) of these feel-good films. Check out our list of the best movies to watch when you’re sick:

  1. Captain Underpants

If you have little ones at home, a kid-friendly movie is always a great idea. Captain Underpants is funny and engaging for all ages, and you may even be able to sneak in a nap while your little ones watch. This superhero movie combines action and comedy—perfect for watching on a sick day.

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

If you are wondering what to watch when sick, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is the ultimate in sick day movies. Maybe you’ve seen it before; maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s worth a watch again (and again and again). An added bonus: This movie is sure to keep you giggling in between sniffles.

  1. Pitch Perfect

Feel like binge-watching a series? Try this fun trio of acapella flicks with Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 (and be ready when Pitch Perfect 3 is released to DVD and blu-ray in March). This musical comedy has a stellar cast and is all about a college a cappella group trying to win nationals. These light-hearted movies may be some of the best movies to watch when you’re sick with the flu.

  1. Love, Actually

Ok, we know it’s not Christmas, but Love Actually is the perfect romantic comedy to warm your heart on a dreary day. Follow the stories of these lovable characters and remember how important it is to show your loved ones you care.

  1. Groundhog Day

Maybe you are feeling down in the dumps and need a reminder that it could always be worse. Groundhog Day is an old classic and will have you laughing as Bill Murray relives his worst day ever over, and over, and over, and…well, you get the idea.

  1. Wonder Woman

Prefer something exciting and new to help you pass the time? If you haven’t seen it yet, the latest Wonder Woman is an engaging story about how Diana, Princess of the Amazons, became Wonder Woman. Watch as she grows up and fights to end a war and embraces her powers. And maybe grab another bowl of hot soup while you watch.

  1. The Princess Bride

An affectionate grandfather reads from his favorite book to cheer up his grandson, who is sick and stuck in bed. This classic will cheer you up as well with its fun and exciting love story of Buttercup and Westley, which is complete with danger, kidnapping, pirates, sword fights, heroic rescues, and continuous comedy.

  1. The Greatest Showman

This lively musical follows P.T. Barnum as his imagination comes to life. He gathers a troupe of human oddities and puts together a spectacular show, but he wants more. Many difficult decisions are made along the way, and Barnum learns a hard lesson about what matters most in life.

6 Best Movies to Watch on a Sick Day
  1. Forrest Gump

This feel-good film is about a man who faces many challenges in his life. He has to wear leg braces as a child but becomes an incredibly fast runner and athlete. He has a very low IQ, faces bullies, serves in the military, and even gets shot. Somehow he maintains unfailing optimism and manages to be successful, make friends, and have adventures most can only imagine.

  1. The Goonies

If you love a little nostalgia with your soup when you’re sick, then this 80’s movie is a gem. Several neighborhood kids face losing their homes to a developer when they discover a map to the infamous One-Eyed Willy’s treasure. On their adventure of a lifetime, they face their fears in an attempt to help their families. You’ll also get an extra dose of motivation and courage because “Goonies never say die.”

  1. Star Wars

The Star Wars saga is the perfect movie marathon choice when you’re stuck in bed. Whether you start with Episode I and move forward chronologically or start with Episode IV and watch the originals first, you’ll find yourself transported to other worlds and caught up in an endless adventure. From one Jedi fan to another, feel better soon and may the Force be with you.

  1. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series contains eight of the best movies to watch when you have the flu. Join Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they repeatedly save the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Brush up on your magic and enjoy some soup delivered from A Spoonful of Comfort—it’s almost as easy as having a house elf!

  1. The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a three-part series and are all good movies to watch when sick. Based on the book of the same name, these movies cover the journey of Bilbo Baggins (the hobbit) and a band of dwarves seeking to steal back the dwarves’ treasure from a fierce dragon. Bilbo is supposed to be the thief who gets it back for them, but first, they all must face their doubts in his abilities and find the strength they didn’t know they had.

  1.  Back to the Future

If you’re looking for laughs and love 80’s pop culture, then Back to the Future is the perfect movie to watch when sick. Doc Brown is a zany scientist who invents a time-traveling car. His young friend Marty McFly winds up traveling to 1955 and meeting the younger versions of his parents. Marty has to find the “younger” Doc so he can get home while trying to make sure his parents still fall in love, and somehow managing not to mess up the space-time continuum. And the best part? This is only the first of three hilarious time-traveling films. (All three are perfect movies to watch when sick!)

  1. Home Alone

Home Alone is a great movie to watch when you get sick around the holidays. Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister’s family takes a trip and accidentally leaves him behind. Kevin employs numerous creative tactics to fend off burglars and survive on his own during Christmas vacation.

  1. The Martian

Matt Damon stars as Mark Watney, an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars when his team has to leave in a hurry—and believe him to be dead. He rations supplies, grows crops, and devises a way to signal the space station on earth. A mission is organized to rescue him before it’s too late.

6 Best Movies to Watch on a Sick Day
  1. The Notebook

This heart-warming love story is about a poor young man and a wealthy young woman who meet and fall in love, however, her parents don’t approve. When they are apart he writes to her every day for a year, but the girl’s mother does not give her the letters. She dates another man and gets engaged, but seeing her first love again causes her to question everything. Even if you don’t have the sniffles, you’ll probably want a box of tissues nearby for this one.

  1. The Incredibles

This is another great movie to watch when you’re sick and have kids at home. You may find yourself relating to the characters as they fight for their family and discover what makes them super. Or use the time to get some much-needed rest while the kids enjoy the humor and animation.

  1. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings series, based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien, tells the story of Frodo Baggins, a hobbit on a quest to destroy a ring containing powerful dark magic. Meanwhile, the wizard Gandalf leads a heroic attempt to free the people of Middle Earth. This series is known for its incredible visual effects and has won about a million (roughly) Academy Awards.

  1. Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain is set in 1927 Hollywood as talking pictures are first introduced. Actors Don and Lina fight for fame as they make the transition. Unfortunately for Lina, her shrill voice must be secretly dubbed over by the talented singer, Kathy, in their musical production. Don falls in love with Kathy as Lina becomes jealous and tries to keep her in the shadows. The cheerful music is perfect for a rainy day . . . or a day when you’re home with the flu.

  1. Black Panther

After losing his father and taking on the mantle of king, as well as the superhero responsibilities of the Black Panther, T’Challa must fight challengers to the throne. He also faces war within Wakanda and must decide whether the advanced technology and rare element of vibranium should be shared with the world, or remain a precious secret.

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