At Spoonful of Comfort, women make up 80% of our workforce. And they’re not just soup savvy—their values help us live up to our name. Meet our team and discover their favorite ways to send care! 

IT Systems Project Coordinator

Favorite Soup: Chicken Noodle 

Favorite Cookie: Triple Chocolate Chunk 

The Package I Would Send: My gram would get Total TLC. Now that she’s having health complications, she needs directions in chilling. I know she would LOVE have a bell to ring at my granddad. 

Corporate Sales Liaison 

Favorite Soup: Chicken Noodle 

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip 

Package I Would Send: I’d send the Meme Theme Lavender Package to my friend in college to remind her during busy days at school to take a moment to relax. 

Customer Service Supervisor

Favorite Soup: Chicken and Wild Rice 

Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoodle 😊 

The Package I Would Send: Anything to my bestie Zoya ❤️ We’re 2,000 miles apart, but still full of love! 


Favorite Soup: Italian Wedding 

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip 

The Package I Would Send: Peace & Pampering to my friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. 

Director of Customer Experience & Product Development 

Favorite Soup: Chicken and Wild Rice 

Favorite Cookie: Gluten-free Chocolate Chip! 

The Package I Would Send: A classic soup care package and a Mystery Message Puzzle! 

Fan Favorites 

We love ‘em all, but survey says these are what our women want! 

Gals That Give Back 

How does the Spoonful Crew show their care? 

“Listening to my loved ones’ music (no matter how much I dislike it!).”

Amy, Customer Service Specialist

“By letting people merge in front of me in traffic!”

Ayla, Customer Service Specialist

“Being fearlessly honest about the good I see in others.”

Aspen, Customer Experience Project Coordinator

“Thank you notes.”

Heather, Customer Service Supervisor

“Cooking someone a favorite meal.”

Nelly, Shipping

A shout-out to the women who made us the women we are.  

Daughters • Sisters • Friends • Teachers • Mothers • Our founder, Marti 

Peipei Oiv, my Japanese prof at college whose office was a safe space for me away from home. 

Heather, Customer Service Supervisor 

My 80-year-old friend, Irma. When I was going through a very low time, Irma was a great support to my self-worth.

Ximena, Phone Order Specialist 

When We’ve Felt Care

To send comfort is to know comfort. Essential moments in our team’s lives. 

When my car was stolen, Steven and Scott (our COO and President) made me feel like I was important to the company and to them. That was a great source of comfort at that time. 

Gloria, Packout Operator

My sister has this gift of always knowing when I need a hug. On a particularly hard day, she wrapped me in a blanket and hugged me tight. I know that no matter how old we get, I can always count on my big sister’s hugs!

Aspen, Customer Experience Project Coordinator

I was a new server and dropped an entire tray of drinks. This kind lady jumped up immediately, helped me clean up the mess of drinks and ice, and went on to comfort me saying not to be embarrassed because we all start from somewhere. 

Alya, Customer Service Specialist

My very first pet was a beta fish, King Triton. However, his Majesty’s reign was short. Seeing how devastated I was by his death, my mom held a full state funeral complete with tiny, silk-lined coffin, music, the works. Now I realize how ridiculous we must have looked in the front yard all dressed to the nines, burying a fish to “A Part of Your World.” But I learned everyone needs different things. Even state funerals for fishes. 

Schelbi, IT Systems Project Coordinator