You’re not seeing things… Spoonful of Comfort soups have a fresh look—and fresh flavors! We are transitioning into all-new containers, and with them, some all-new soup recipes.


  • Always improving. We’re always looking for ways to make our gifts more thoughtful, more usable, and more to our customers’ liking. We hope you’ll love our new containers and soups as much as we do. Your comments truly help shape what we do.
  • Green thinking. We take steps to care about our planet, just like we care about your gift recipients. We selected our new containers for their reusable and recyclable qualities.
  • Flexibility. Smaller containers reflect so many things our customers have been asking for: ease of handling, easy-open tops, faster thawing, convenient leftover storage, and the ability to dip right in to ladle up soup for heating.

Psst… Smaller containers also mean you’ll be able to mix and match soup flavors in the future! While not available quite yet, our website will soon let you send 64-ounces of one recipe, or a quart each of two soup favorites!


  • Quality. Our soups are still the homestyle favorites that bring comfort and care to the people you know. We use fresh, clean ingredients. We slow-cook our soups to perfection. Then we flash-freeze them to ship safely and stay delicious. Soups still ship with cold packs in an insulating liner.
  • Quantity. Every classic package still contains 64 ounces of soup—now divided into two quart-size containers. They are smaller on the outside, but they hold the same number of spoonfuls on the inside.


New containers. Instead of our 64-ounce glass jar, soup now comes in two 32-ounce plastic tubs. This makes thawing our soups faster. The lids are easier to open. The smaller containers are easier to hold and easier to fit in refrigerators (including mini-fridges). Plus, there’s the option to freeze one container for later!

Our new containers are made of plastic that’s friendlier for shipping, plus we designed them to be more fun and useful for recipients, too:

  • Fridge and freezer-friendly. Handy snap-on lids make storing leftovers easy.
  • Fully recyclable cups and lids made from #5 polypropylene plastic.
  • They’re reusable, too! Wash them after use, and they’re perfect for leftovers, pantry storage, or collecting odds and ends.
  • Microwavable bonnet. The cute topper on each container is made from recyclable, washable paper. Smooth it out to use it as a spatter-stopping bowl cover while microwaving.

New soups. Don’t worry…we’ve kept the classics and our customer favorites. Plus, we are excited to add a few new fun flavors to the menu! Our standard lineup of soups now includes:

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Garden Vegetable (gluten-free and vegan)
  • Chicken and Wild Rice (gluten-free)
  • Tomato Soup (gluten-free)
  • Broccoli Cheddar (new!)
  • Italian Wedding Soup (new!)


We do, too! We are sad to say goodbye to the glass jars that were a part of our start-up story. However, we’re always on the lookout for improvements. Our new containers are designed to be extra handy (and extra cute!). 


Besides the soup containers, nothing changes at all! Your recipient will still be delighted by bright, friendly boxes that protect their gift—and offer surprise after surprise. Our smaller containers feel just as nostalgic as the glass mason jars, right down to the colorful bonnet on each container top.


Yes! We researched many plastic options and landed on polypropylene, an FDA-approved, food-safe plastic. It’s considered the flagship material for industry safety. This plastic is BPA-free and does not contain phthalates. It can be used in the microwave, and it’s even the material used for some surgical and medical devices.


Yes! Our new containers are microwave safe.

To thaw: If soup is frozen, thaw in microwave by removing lid and piercing or removing plastic seal. Microwave on low-defrost setting for 2 minutes, then in 30-second increments until fully thawed. Stir as needed to break up frozen pieces.

To heat: To heat fully thawed soup in the microwave, remove the lid and plastic seal. Heat a full container on high for 2 minutes, then stir and test the temperature. To continue warming, heat on high for 30-second increments, stirring and testing temperature. For smaller portions, microwave on high for 1 minute, then in 30-second increments until fully heated. Soup should be heated to 165 degrees or higher for food safety, but avoid boiling to maintain the best flavor. Be careful when testing soup temperatures, it will be hot!

Hot tip: Use the included green bonnet as a splatter cover! Wash it with soap and water, pat dry, and place over the open container while microwaving. It can be used again and again!