Chicken Noodle Soup Package

Starting at: $84.99

Your package begins with:

  • Two 32-ounce containers of soup (4-6 generous servings) Learn about our new packaging!
  • ½ dozen bacci rolls / view nutrition label
  • ½ dozen cookies
  • Festive ladle to serve up the smiles
  • Personalized note card (added at checkout)
  • Colorful, custom packaging that’s a treat in itself
  • Need a package with all Gluten-Free or Vegan goodies? We’ve got you covered!

Soup delivery from Spoonful of Comfort

There’s a reason people talk about “chicken soup for the soul.” Chicken noodle soup helps you feel better. Brings comfort. Says “get well.” And just feels like home.

Now you can get chicken soup delivered.

Spoonful of Comfort is a unique gourmet soup delivery service. Our kitchen cooks up homestyle soups just like mom would make. Then we ship soup in a care package as part of a heat-and-eat meal. It’s not just delivering homemade soup. It’s delivering care.


Grandma’s chicken soup: Our chicken noodle soup story

Our chicken soup delivery began in a kitchen at home. Grieving the loss of her mother to cancer, founder Marti Wymer found solace in preparing her mom’s chicken soup. It made her feel a little better. And she knew it could be a pick-me-up for other people, too.

Soon, Marti was sending soup by mail to friends and family across the country. The comfort she sent them brought comfort to her. And Spoonful of Comfort was born.

Today, Spoonful of Comfort delivers chicken soup—and other delicious recipes—to people throughout the United States. Our soup delivery service is not restaurant takeout. It is an expression of love and care. We do soup online delivery from the heart. And with the kind of motivation that would make mom proud.


Why chicken soup helps you feel better

Chicken soup seems to be the universal remedy for just about everything: from tummy aches and heartaches to the common cold or side effects of chemo. Giving someone chicken soup isn’t just a traditional treatment either. There’s science to chicken soup.

Hot soup helps relieve symptoms like stuffiness, congestion, and sore throat. The warm temperature can be physically comforting and ease aches and pains. Soup can be essential in preventing dehydration, a common effect during illness. Chicken soup in particular is full of nutrients, too—including protein-packed chicken, vitamin-rich veggies, and easy-to-digest broth and noodles.


Best get well care package you can find

Spoonful of Comfort adds more feel-good items to soup delivery, too. Every soup care package includes rolls and cookies (good for the tummy, good for the spirit, we like to say). Plus, you can add extra get well touches to help encourage the “plenty of rest” doctors suggest: add a blanket, warm socks, or our own Cold Care Kit.

To send chicken noodle soup delivery, start with our classic Get Well care package: a generous container of soup (chicken noodle, or any other feel-good flavor), six rolls, six cookies, a shiny ladle, and a personal note card from you. Send the just-right message with other add-on items like soothing hot tea and raw honey, a hot water bottle-inspired warmer, or even a Get Well spoon. For the ultimate care package, check out the Total TLC package: a get-well soup meal, blanket, warmer, and a bedside bell ready to ring for any need.


What people say about our chicken noodle soup

Over the years, we’ve sent a lot of soup. But the messages of love and care that cross our kitchen never get old.


  • “The person I sent the gift to enjoyed it very much and raved about the Chicken Soup and Snickerdoodle cookies!”
  • “The name of your company is exactly what you provide in a beautiful gift box. Friends were quarantined and were delighted to receive the gift of chicken soup and goodies.”
  • “I sent my clients some chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookies because the whole family had been ill and they absolutely loved it!”
  • “I received a get well soon package from spoonful of comfort when I was sick. Even was so good I ordered it for my brother and he Ioved it! Chicken noodle soup is healthy and hearty! The cookies might be the best chocolate chip cookies i have ever had. Soft and just melt in your mouth.”
  • “Recently sent a package to a dear co-worker of ours and we couldn’t be more pleased. The recipient raved about the chicken soup and the packaging, the ordering process was easy and delivery was prompt and as expected. Thank you for this service and giving us all a wonderful option to comfort someone in their time of need!”
  • “Gave the Deluxe TLC with chicken soup to someone recovering from an illness – she has not stopped raving about it. LOVED IT! Thanks Spoonful of Comfort, you will be my go to resource for all things comfort from now on!
  • “My friend who is recovering from COVID said this was the sweetest surprise. The chicken noodle soup was delicious and the blanket was so cozy. Thank you!”


Chicken soup delivery in a care package

Chicken soup delivery to anywhere in the United States is just a click away. When you can’t be there in person to show your care, we can deliver the kind of chicken soup and comfort you’d bring yourself.

Our homestyle chicken noodle soup is simmered up in our kitchen, then flash-frozen to protect its nutrients and ship safely. We use custom cold packs to wrap the soup container in its own icy hug, then seal it in a protective bag before boxing it up for shipping. These extra measures keep the soup cold—and sometimes still frozen—for its safe arrival.

When you order chicken soup delivery online from Spoonful of Comfort, you can choose shipping options for a 2-3 day standard delivery or get it there as quickly as Overnight Express Delivery. We use UPS and the United States Postal System.

Spoonful of Comfort ships Monday through Friday with the exception of major holidays. Online soup orders placed on the weekends will ship the following Monday. (Wondering why? Our shipping partners don’t deliver to every address on every day. We don’t want your gift sitting in a shipping facility or truck, so we wait.) By sending out orders early in the week, we can ensure your gift arrives in a timely and safe manner.

Please be sure to note that orders for gourmet soup gift baskets must be placed by 6:00 pm ET to ship that day. Orders placed after 6 pm ET will ship the next day.

Chicken soup delivery is easy to order—and this is the kind of care package to make someone’s day. Place your order and share some thoughtfulness with Spoonful of Comfort.