Creme De La Cozy Package

Starting at: $179.99

So imagine wrapping up in a beyond-soft blanket. Sipping cocoa. Watching the candlelight. Waiting for a steaming bowl of savory soup to cool. (And still having coziness to spare.) Our Créme De La Cozy care package just may out-hygge hygge.

Your Créme De La Cozy care package begins with:

  • Luxe cozy blanket
  • 2 pairs of the softest-ever socks
  • 2 gourmet hot cocoa mixes
  • 2 holiday spoons
  • Vanilla Cashmere candle (6 oz.) in linen bag
  • Designer matches
  • Your choice of soup (4-6 generous servings)
  • Six delicious rolls
  • Six smells-like-holiday-time cookies
  • A shiny ladle to serve comfort and joy
  • Personalized notecard