Gluten-Free College Care Package

Starting at: $84.99

*Please note that our gluten-free and vegan bakery is in short supply and may not be available for purchase at the moment. If this package is out of stock, please check back within the next couple days as we expect to receive small batches throughout the week.


Cures homesickness, too.

Know a student starting college? Send a care package they’ll never forget. Nutritious soup beats a late-night pizza any day. And your customized package can include all the things they miss most — except you, of course!

Your package begins with:

  • 64 oz. of sensational soup (4-6 generous servings)
  • ½ dozen gluten-free bacci rolls / view nutrition label
  • ½ dozen gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
  • A ladle to serve up the smiles
  • Personalized note card (added at checkout)
  • Colorful, custom packaging that’s a treat in itself


Gluten-Free Disclosure
These items are made with no gluten-containing ingredients and are FDA gluten-free compliant. Please contact us if your recipient has an intolerance for foods made with shared kitchen equipment.

A Gluten-Free Meal That Feels Like Home

Know a college student who could use a warm gluten-free meal sent directly to them with love? Our Gluten-Free College Care Package includes your choice of our delicious gluten-free soups: Poblano Chicken Chowder,Tomato Basil, Chicken and Wild Rice, and Garden Vegetable. A new serving ladle is also included to top-off the experience.

Whether they are just starting college or in the middle of a grueling finals week, they are sure to appreciate our hearty soup, a half-dozen vegan gluten-free bacci rolls, and a half-dozen vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Our rolls are made with a delicate blend of chickpea, potato, and rice flours and sweetened with a touch of beet sugar. The cookies are an addition that end the meal on a sweet note with chickpea flour, organic soymilk and cane sugar, and a tasty dose of chocolate chips.