Gluten-Free Classic Puzzle Night Package

Starting at: $104.99

Gather ‘round the table for a delicious soup dinner and a tradition that friends and family will love to pieces. Grown-ups and the littles alike can put together our holiday puzzle in concentrated cooperation—or leave it on the coffee table and watch the scene take shape day by day. Who calls dibs on the corner pieces? 

Your Classic Puzzle Night Package includes: 

  • Gourmet soup selection (4-6 generous servings) 
  • 6 delicious gluten-free rolls 
  • 6 gluten-free cookies
  • 500-piece holiday jigsaw puzzle with bonus gingerbread cookie recipe 
  • A ladle that sparkles like the season 
  • Personalized note card
Gluten-Free Disclosure
These items are made with no gluten-containing ingredients and are FDA gluten-free compliant. Please contact us if your recipient has an intolerance for foods made with shared kitchen equipment.