New Year Detox Box

Starting at: $99.99

Oh no! This was a limited-edition item and we’re sold out. Instead, would you like to consider another feel-good find like this?

Buh-bye, 2020. Can’t say we’re sorry to bid farewell to you and all you brought along. (Stress eating, we’re looking at you.) Give someone you know a feel-good outlook on 2021 with a nutritious meal, a candle to brighten the future, and an Herbal Smudge Kit to clear away all that negative energy. See ya, 2020, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

Your New Year Detox Box starts with:

  • Your choice of soup (4-6 healthy-sized servings)
  • 6 let’s-roll-with-it rolls
  • 6 the-world’s-going-to-be-okay cookies
  • Ladle to add sparkle to the New Year
  • Soothing scented candle with matches
  • Mini smudge kit
  • Personal New Year’s wishes from you