Cookie Comforts

Starting at $24.99 2 pack (1 dozen)

This is no cookie-cutter care package. New Cookie Comforts from Spoonful of Comfort sends a one-of-a-kind package that’s sure to shape smiles. Choose 2 or 4 of our best baked goods and we’ll deliver them right to the door—along with a handwritten note on your behalf.

Choose from:

  • Oatmeal Raisin: Tasty, textured, and chewy-ooey good!
  • Chocolate Chip: The perfect balance of super-soft and semi-sweet.
  • Sugar Cookies: A shortbread-inspired indulgence rich enough to really sink your sweet tooth into.
  • Snickerdoodle: Soft, buttery, thick and loaded with flavor.

Cookies make a bad day crumble. So wish someone well, share care from home, or just say hi. Our ovens are at your command.

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About Our Gourmet Cookies

  • Oatmeal Raisin
    So tasty and textured, the hearty oatmeal and chewy raisins say “healthy.” But each sweet bite will confirm these are definitely dessert.
  • Send Chocolate Cookies
    Chocolate Chip
    The perfect balance of super-soft cookie and semi-sweet chocolate. Try our most popular cookie and you’ll wonder why we didn’t eat all the cookie dough first.
  • Sugar Cookie Delivery
    Sugar Cookies
    Inspired by shortbread and oh-so-soft, these cookies take sugar heaven to a new height. Rich enough to really sink your sweet tooth into.
  • Send Cookie Gift Baskets
    Snickerdoodle Cookies
    They’re fun to say, they’re fun to eat. Chewy, buttery cookie peeks through a crinkly, crackly cinnamon-sugar coating on these Snickerdoodle delights.
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