Some Like It Hot Package

Starting at: $89.99

Oh no! This was a limited-edition item and we’re sold out. Instead, would you like to consider another feel-good find like this?

This soup package is comin’ in hot for someone who likes the spicy side of life! Three mini bottles of Tabasco—Chipotle, Green Jalapeño, and Original Red—plus colorful tortilla chip strips give a kick and a crunch to any soup. Hot diggety!

Your Some Like It Hot package includes:

  • Soup that’s about to get spicier (4-6 generous servings)
  • 3 mini-bottles of Tabasco sauce
  • Crunchy, colorful tortilla strips
  • Half-dozen tongue-calming rolls
  • Half-dozen soothing cookies
  • Soup ladle (that sparkles like fire!)

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