Spoonful of Sunshine Box 2020


Oh no! We don’t have this fan favorite right now—but it will be back! Want another feel-good find for now?

Brighten up! This cheery box grabs all your best wishes and bundles them up with sparkling lemonade, mason jar mugs, daisy tops, paper straws, and lemon cookies—all ready to go on a sunshiny serving tray. It’s a sure-fire way to brighten anyone’s day!

Your Spoonful of Sunshine package includes:

  • Sunny serving tray
  • 25.4 fl oz. bottle of sparkling lemonade
  • 2 mason jars with daisy lids
  • 6 lemon cookies
  • Paper straws

Out of stock

The Spoonful of Sunshine package lets the sun stream in, whatever the season. Packaged in sunshiny yellow and stuffed with cheerful gifts and goodies, it delights every opener! It’s a dose of daily sunshine in a box!