Pair of jeans with a small cream bag in the back pocket with a small red fabric heart

Heartfelt Promise


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Meet the maker! :)

Hi, I’m Kennedy.

When we moved 2000 miles away from everyone we know and love, I was a little anxious, but needed to stay strong for my sisters. Then, I had an idea. What if I make something that could help with anyone’s anxiety?

Whether it be from school, work, kids, health, wealth… We all have anxiety or stress. Every now and then, we need something to take the edge off. That’s where I come in. Bring me along in your pocket or keep me in your coat, briefcase, or car. Give me a squeeze when you feel a little uneasy or hold onto me during a difficult test, presentation or airplane flight. Whatever your reason, your secret is safe with me… I promise!

Each heart is handmade, has a little pocket for a special message and comes with a muslin "promise" bag for safe keeping. The bag is also a perfect spot to store the poem cards, so everything is together in one place.

Message reads, "Life has its ups and downs. We take what comes our way. Just hold this heart close to you. It is sure to brighten your day!" 

I hope this heart helps you as much as it has helped me!

**** A portion of our proceeds will be donated to a different children's charity AND the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation. My sister, Kylie, was diagnosed at age 2, so this charity is especially close to my heart ****