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Vegan Winter Soup & Warm Surroundings

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Vibe check: Comfort? Joy? Coziness for all to share? They’re here in the ultimate holiday gift. They’ll find cold-weather comforts like a soft-as-a-snowflake blanket and socks, a warming plush pack, a scented candle, and of course our famous soup supper.

Your Vegan Winter Soup & Warm Surroundings Package includes:

  • Gourmet soup selection (4-6 generous servings)
  • Half dozen vegan gluten-free bacci rolls | view nutrition label
  • Half dozen vegan gluten-free cookies
  • Super-soft blanket
  • 2 pairs of cozy comfort socks (add more if you like!)
  • Warm Fuzzies warmable plush pack
  • Holiday Pepperberry + Pine candle
  • A ladle that sparkles like the season
  • “Comfort and Joy” greeting card
  • A note card with a personal message from you

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