Spoonful Subscription

Choose the number of months:

3 month subscription icon

$99.00 / month for 3 months
INCLUDES Shipping + Cookie Kickoff Gift!
($120/month value)

6 month subscription icon

$99.00 / month for 6 months
INCLUDES Shipping + Cookie Kickoff Gift!
($120/month value)

12 month subscription icon

$99.00 / month for 12 months
INCLUDES Shipping + Cookie Kickoff Gift!
($120/month value)

12 Months of Happiness

Want to make someone’s day? How about their year! Send a seasonal package each month to
fill someone’s calendar with goodies. $99/month includes our monthly selection and all shipping ($120/month value).

December care package


Available again next season! A deluxe holiday-themed package to spread comfort and joy.


New Year, New You! Ease into 2022 with a warm blanket and relaxing lavender gifts. Order by December 31!

February care package


Send a little love with our classic soup meal and valentine chocolates.


Warm away the winter blues with a Spring-themed package!

April care package


Send a cuppa comfort with cookies, tea, and themed accessories.

May care package


Happy Soup-o de Mayo! Spice up the day with soup and crunchy/spicy toppers.

June care package


Dream of s’more warm summer nights with our gourmet s’mores collection.


Celebrate July with a slice of summer fruit pie! A classic for the season.

August care package


So cool. Our Spoonful of Sunshine with sparkling lemonade, mason jar mugs, and more.

September care package


Soup and hot cider. This care package is all about Fall.

October care package


From our cauldron to theirs! A spook-tacular soup meal, plus Halloween candy.


Hap-pie Thanksgiving! Our pie and seasonal plate bring joy with every slice.

Because supplies are limited, package contents may be subject to change.
But never fear, each month’s package will have the same $120 average value and theme!

Please Note: Discount codes do not apply to subscription purchases or recurring subscription payments.

Spoonful Subscription

Send your lucky someone 3, 6, or 12 themed packages—plus a bonus Cookie Kickoff Gift to announce their subscription! Perfect for far-away family members and friends. Because when you can’t be there in person, your care and comfort can.

Each monthly care package includes:

  • Curated seasonal gift box ($120 average value)
  • A themed greeting card
  • Delightful gift packaging
  • Shipping INCLUDED
  • FREE Cookie Kickoff Gift!
Spoonful of Comfort Package

Common Questions

What does a subscription include?

Your recipient will get 3, 6, or 12 care packages in consecutive months that include our seasonal selection with subscription-only extras and a themed greeting card. We take care of the shipping costs each month, plus we send a bonus Cookie Kickoff package to announce your gift.

When does the subscription begin?

Subscriptions purchased now through December 31, 2021 will begin with the January themed box.

Most of our subscription boxes will ship around the 15th of each month (expect 3-5 days for delivery). Some ship dates may be adjusted to accommodate a holiday. For example, the February box ships earlier in the month to arrive by Valentine’s Day.

Purchase: Dec. 22 – Dec. 31, 2021
Cookie Kickoff Gift Ships: Immediately
First Seasonal Box: January

Purchase: January 2022
Cookie Kickoff Gift Ships: Immediately
First Seasonal Box: February

Purchase: Months going forward
Cookie Kickoff Gift Ships: Immediately
First Seasonal Box Ships: The month following subscription purchase

Please note that subscriptions are for consecutive months only. (For example, a 3-month subscription would deliver December, January, and February.)

When and how are subscription boxes sent?

We ship to all subscribers at the same time, generally around the 15th of each month. Some ship dates may be adjusted to accommodate a holiday. For example, the February box ships earlier in the month to arrive by Valentine’s Day. Your recipient will receive their care package via Standard UPS delivery within 3-5 days of the ship date.

What is in each box?

Each box includes seasonal gifts selected to surprise and delight people of every age, personality, and gender. You’ll find the theme for each month’s box in the product description above. Because the global supply chain is less reliable right now, we may need to change out specific items, but the theme of each gift and average monthly value of $120 will stay the same.

Can I modify box contents or make dietary requests?

At this time, we are unable to customize subscription boxes for dietary restrictions, allergies, or food and flavor preferences. We hope to make this option available in the future!

Does the monthly cost vary?

No! You pay $99 each month of a subscription term, shipping included. Some care packages will be bigger (like the holiday package) and some will be smaller (like the pie package). But your recipient will receive gifts with an average value of $120 or more over the course of the subscription!

Can I apply a discount to a subscription purchase?

Coupon codes, sales, or other discounts do not apply to the Spoonful Subscription.

Does a subscription automatically renew?

No. We will email you at the end of the subscription term. You will have the option to renew and seamlessly continue a subscription if you choose! 

Can I cancel a subscription?

We hope that your recipient loves and looks forward to their subscription package each month! However, you can cancel at any time, for any reason. Please log in to your account at SpoonfulofComfort.com or contact [email protected]

What if my payment doesn’t go through?

Recurring subscription payments are processed on the 1st of each month. If your credit card is declined for whatever reason, the system will automatically try to re-process the payment. However, if a payment continues to be declined after 72 hours, the order will be canceled.

How does my recipient know the gift is from me?

The first box—a bonus Cookie Kickoff gift—is on us! When you subscribe, we’ll send a half dozen Chocolate Chip cookies and include a personal note from you. The enclosed greeting card will let them know they can expect a surprise delivery each month, sent by you! Please be aware that monthly subscription boxes include a seasonal greeting card, but do not include personalized notes.

Does my recipient need to be home for delivery?

Spoonful Subscription boxes are delivered directly to your recipient’s address and they do not require a signature for release. Because these gifts often contain perishable items, they should be opened the day they are delivered. In their Cookie Kickoff package, we let recipients know to expect a package around the 18th of each month.