Who doesn’t love soup? It can be served hot or cold for a palate-pleasing appetizer. A thick and hearty bowl of soup can serve as a soul-warming main dish. Chicken soup can comfort us on stressful days or when we are feeling under the weather.

Proper Way to Eat Soup

(Pixabay / Pexels)

There are a few catches with soup, though. For as simplistic of food that it is, it can be a little tricky to eat, especially for kids. Even for adults, you may find it tricky to ladle soup without splashes and spills or without slurping it as you bring it to your mouth.

Here are a few bits of protocol to help you properly enjoy your soup:

  • Spoon away from your body – Most people scoop their soup toward their body. However, when you spoon it up in the opposite direction, any soup that falls off of the spoon will make its way back to the bowl instead of elsewhere. No mess, no fuss.
  • Eat from the side of the spoon – Inserting the pointed part of the spoon directly into your mouth will cause more spills. Try eating from the side of the spoon. It’s cleaner and also less awkward-looking.
  • Tip the soup for the last few drops – Having trouble getting to that last bit of soup? First, tip the bowl away from you. Then scoop up the remaining spoon with your soup. Put the bowl down and hold the spoon over it so any drips will fall back into the bowl.
  • Use the plate – Your soup bowl will likely come resting on a plate. Between bites and after you are finished with your soup, rest your spoon on the plate. If you rest it in your bowl, you could accidentally flip it, sending soup flying across the table.
  • Add crackers sparingly – Piling your soup high with soup crackers is a bit gauche. Add them in small amounts.

Enjoy your soup without spills or awkward moments by observing basic soup decorum.