The finger paint flowers and macaroni noodle necklace might have been a passable gift when you were six, but that type of gift may not evoke the same appreciation that it used to. Now that you’re a bonafide grownup, it’s time that you treat your mother to a grownup gift on Mother’s Day.

In this ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide, you’ll find all sorts of great ideas for your mom, your grandmother, your wife, or any other woman in your life that deserves recognition on this lovely holiday.


Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


A Spa Day

If your mother is the busy bee type who’s always on the go, go, go, then a relaxing day at the spa may be exactly what she needs. Book a session at a luxury spa center for her to get a massage, facial, or a mani-pedi.


A Sensational Meal


Treat your mother to a sensational meal, whether you cook it yourself, take her to lunch, or send her a special gift basket filled with creamy soup, fresh rolls, and tasty cookies. If you can, wake up a little early to bring her breakfast in bed.




Moms like to have fun too! Take your mother out for an entertaining night. Go to the movies, catch a comedy show, or if she’s into it, take her to watch a home game for her favorite sports team.


An Act of Service


With everything our mothers, wives, and grandmothers do for us, we can use Mother’s Day to give a little something back. Make her Mother’s Day even better by doing the chores that she would otherwise do herself. This can range from something small, like taking the kids to soccer practice, to something big, like weeding her flower beds or cleaning the house.




Jewelry is a fine gift for Mother’s Day, especially if you’re shopping for a brand new mother. Get her a necklace with birthstones or initials of her children for a sweet and tender gift. Or stick to a classic set of pearl earrings. Just make sure to choose a piece that suits her unique style.


A New Houseplant


Many mothers fill their homes with all kinds of houseplants. There’s something so satisfying about a thriving collection of leafy friends. Add to her assemblage of flowers, foliage, and succulents for a gift that she can cherish for years to come.


A Kitchen Appliance


If your mother loves to cook, consider buying her a new kitchen appliance. We suggest you go with something that will make her life a little easier, like the Instant Pot, if she spends a lot of time in the kitchen to feed her family. If she’s a skilled chef, you can get her some high-end cooking supplies or stylish serving trays.


Time for Herself


Sometimes, the best gift you can give a mother is time alone. This is a marvelous gift idea for your wife. Volunteer to spend the day with the kids so she can spend the day with herself. What will she do with all the free time? Whatever she wants! And that’s a truly precious gift.


A Mother’s Day Gift Basket


Get your mother a little bit of everything and stuff it into one Mother’s Day gift basket! This is a great idea for almost any budget and for those who just can’t decide which gift to get the special woman in their life.


What Is the Best Gift for Mom?


The best gift for mom is the one that comes from the heart. She’ll appreciate a thoughtful gesture far more than a generic gift that you purchased at the store on your way to her house.

As you think about what to get for Mother’s Day, it’s important that you really put some thought into it. Consider what she would like, instead of what you would like to give her. What would make her life easier? What would make her feel most appreciated?

Some mothers prefer acts of service over materialistic gifts. If that’s the case, ask her if there’s anything you can do, or take the initiative and surprise her.

Also, don’t forget to take her hobbies and interests into account, which is a great way to come up with unique gifts for mom that she’ll be sure to love.


What Things Do Moms Like?


We often think of moms as, well, moms. But don’t forget, your mother has a unique personality that sets her apart from the other moms out there. If you’re having a hard time thinking of unique gifts for mom, it could be because you’re trying to answer the general question, “what things do moms like?”

In reality, though, you’ll have much greater success by answering the question “what things does my mom like?” (Or your wife, grandmother, daughter, sister, or another special woman.)

Does your mother love to garden? Does she have a vast collection of houseplants? Get her some new chic gardening supplies or another indoor plant to add to her collection.

If she thoroughly enjoys cooking or baking, you may want to get her the latest kitchen appliance that will make her life easier or allow her to explore new dishes. If that’s too expensive, a new apron or some kitchen decor is also a great idea.

If you’re shopping for an avid sports fan—the type of woman who thoroughly enjoys shouting at referees—there’s no end to the list of merchandise you can get her. Coffee mugs, jerseys, and season tickets are just the beginning.

The bottom line is to get your mother something that she really wants, instead of tossing her another bouquet and a store-bought card.


What Can I Do for My Wife on Mother’s Day?


Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your wife how much you appreciate her. If you’d like to do a little more than get her a gift, there are a lot of different ways you can express your love and gratitude.

If your wife keeps a running honey-do list for you, there might be a few tasks on it that would make her happy once completed. Maybe she’d love nothing more than to come home to a clean house.

Cooking for your sweetheart is also a romantic gesture that she’ll be sure to appreciate, especially if she’s usually the one doing the cooking. If you’re not so great in the kitchen, take her to her favorite restaurant or order in!

Spoonful of Comfort provides an entire meal in a beautiful package that can be delivered right to your door. With just a few minutes of prep work, you can serve your wife an impressive meal. You could even stash the packaging and take credit for our creamy soup and freshly-baked goodies—we won’t tell!


How Can I Make My Wife Feel Special on Mother’s Day?


Do you really want to make your wife feel special on Mother’s Day? Here is our recipe for one extremely satisfied spouse.

  1. Treat her to at least one meal. Bring her breakfast in bed, take her to her favorite cafe for lunch, or surprise her with a tasty dinner at home.
  2. Write a heartfelt message in her Mother’s Day card. Fill it with all the things you appreciate and love about her. This step is a MUST.
  3. Do something for her that she would usually do herself. Do the dishes, weed the flower beds, clean the house, bathe the dog, or anything else to take a little weight off of her shoulders.
  4. Get her something nice and thoughtful. This can be a gift certificate for a massage or a piece of jewelry. Even a small gesture, like a new succulent for her desk, is sure to make her smile. Look back over our top 10 mother’s day gift ideas above.
  5. Get the kids in on it. The more family members that can contribute with their share of handmade gifts or help around the house, the better Mom will feel.


Give Mom Something Special


This year, get a Mother’s Day gift that will warm the heart and the stomach. Spoonful of Comfort provides heartfelt gift packages that are fully loaded with rich, creamy soup, soft bacci rolls, and fresh baked cookies.

Choose from six different kinds of sensational soup, from the classic chicken noodle to the hardy corn and potato chowder. Select her favorite cookie for a sweet dessert, and top it all off with a personalized note to express your love.

For an extra special gift, check out our Mother’s Day Rise and Shine Package, complete with all the makings of a sweet and tasty breakfast. What better way to start her Mother’s Day than with breakfast in bed and a darling tea set?

What have been some of your favorite gifts you’ve given your mother, grandmother, or other important women in your life? Share them with us in the comments below.

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