Gluten-Free Housewarming Package

Starting at: $89.99

There’s no place like home

Love, joy, comfort, and warmth. They’re what make a home. And you can add a little more to that mix with this housewarming gift. We’re talking nostalgic comfort foods and thoughtful optional add-on items that make this gift less about house, and more about home. It’s a gift just right for new homeowners, old neighbors, far-away friends, and anyone settling in to nest. 

Your Housewarming Care Package includes:

  • Soup that tastes like home (4-6 servings)
  • Half-dozen gluten-free artisan rolls / view nutrition label
  • Half-dozen gluten-free neighborly cookies 
  • Kitchen-worthy ladle
  • Comforting Candle (optional)
  • Cozy Comfort Throw (optional)
Gluten-Free Disclosure
These items are made with no gluten-containing ingredients and are FDA gluten-free compliant. Please contact us if your recipient has an intolerance for foods made with shared kitchen equipment.

An Easy Gluten-Free Meal for a New Home

Looking for a housewarming gift that is meaningful and won’t get in the way? This Gluten-Free Housewarming Package from Spoonful of Comfort first includes your choice of gluten-free soups: savory Tomato Basil, rich Chicken and Wild Rice, or wholesome Garden Vegetable. Each housewarming package will be complemented with a new ladle to serve each bowl of comforting soup.

Whether this is the first move, the last, or somewhere in between, the half-dozen bacci-style gluten-free dinner rolls and the half-dozen gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are sure to make their new place feel like home. The Spoonful of Comfort rolls are made with a perfect blend of chickpea, rice, and potato flours and lightly sweetened with beet sugar. Our in-demand cookies are baked with a fine mix of chickpea flour, organic soymilk and cane sugar, and decadent chocolate chips.