About Us

Marti Wymer’s mother always knew how to make everyone feel at home. Anyone who stepped into her home immediately felt welcomed and loved. 

When Marti’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, Marti wanted to do anything she could to care for her mother the way she had always cared for her. They were thousands of miles apart and couldn’t be next to each other. Marti wished there was a way to comfort her mother and let her know how much she was loved. Sending a warm bowl of soup was the closest thing to a hug Marti could think of. It was the perfect way to show Marti’s care when she couldn’t be there in person.

With love, care, and her mother top of mind, Spoonful of Comfort was created to send handcrafted, heartwarming soup to those in need of a little extra love. It all began at a kitchen table in 2008, where Marti herself put together care packages filled with fully prepared soup, freshly baked rolls, and oatmeal cookies. Packaged in cheerful yellow, with ribbons hand-tied around each item, she personally delivered each box.

This expression of care was felt by early recipients whose positive word-of-mouth reviews sustained a steady stream of orders. But when a mention online caused orders to overwhelm the website (and Marti), the message was clear: Spoonful of Comfort was on to something. Deciding Spoonful of Comfort was worth pursuing full-time, Marti brought on the talents and expertise of her husband, Steven Wymer, and business partner, Scott Gustafson.

Today, Spoonful of Comfort continues to honor the memory of Marti’s mother with thoughtful packages that console, inspire, and uplift those who need it most. It is Marti’s promise to “make and deliver a Spoonful of Comfort with as much care as if I were sending it to my own mother.”

Spoonful of Comfort is the perfect way to send care, even when you can’t be there. From birthdays to just because, our care packages and gifts nourish relationships no matter the distance. Offer congrats to cross-country friends. Help out new neighbors with a housewarming present. Send the comforts of home to a college student. Soothe a sick loved one or make a bad day better. We’re there for all of life’s moments, happy or sad, big or small.

Our Core Values

Spoonful of Comfort believes that our greatest innovations aren’t measured in soup. They’re proven through care. Every action and decision we make is guided towards this purpose with our core values: 

  • We work with love.
  • We celebrate and win together. 
  • We embrace opportunities to improve. 
  • We always find a way.
  • We know the right thing to do is the right thing to do. 
  • Your best experience is our goal.

In other words, Spoonful of Comfort doesn’t exist to make soup. We exist to create positive, uplifting experiences for both gift-givers and their recipients.

Our Dedication to Sustainability

Every Spoonful of Comfort package is made to take care of its recipient, but we also make sure our packages take care of the planet too. 

Smart Design

We aim to excite gift recipients in every way—starting with a food-safe delivery. Because our gifts may travel for 3-4 days, they require careful packaging to stay protected and cold. Instead of filling the box with insulation, our boxes are designed to BE the insulation. Our packaging manufacturers bring:

  • Forest Stewardship Council certification
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Standards promoting forest management
  • 90% raw material from sources protecting water quality and wildlife habitats
  • Containerboard boxes made from recycled linerboard

Care That Keeps On Going

We design our packages to delight, and we intend for our packages to live on. Every single piece of a Spoonful of Comfort gift has been carefully considered for more than one use. Sure, the paper and plastic can be recycled, but why stop there? Look what else you can do:

  • Shipping package to chic parcel. Our shipping box and the cute compartments inside can be refolded with the patterned sides out to create a stylish storage box. Re-use it to reduce your clutter, upgrade your space, or send a thoughtful gift to someone else. Here’s a video to show you how.

  • Soup container to storage tub. Our plastic cups and lids are fully recyclable, but wash them after use, and they’re perfect for leftovers, pantry storage, or collecting odds and ends.

  • Cute top to convenient cover. It’s not just for presentation! The patterned bonnet atop each soup container is made from a reusable, recyclable, washable paper. Smooth it out to cover your bowl while microwaving. Stop spatters, then rinse and repeat.

  • Food safety to fun lunch. The gel packs that keep the soup fresh during transit can be refrozen. Slip them into a lunch bag to keep food and drinks cool.

  • Protective liner to on-the-go insulation. Even the shiny insulation pack surrounding the soup can be repurposed. Save it with your reusable grocery bags to keep dairy, deli, and frozen foods cooler on trips home from the store. Talk about a silver lining!

Small Footprints, Big Impacts

We’re mindful of our environmental footprint everywhere we make an impact, from our packaging to our people. At our corporate office, you’ll find:

  • In-office recycling
  • Product reuse programs
  • On-site electric vehicle chargers

Uplifting One Another

As a women owned and operated business, Spoonful of Comfort is proud to employ and empower a staff of 80% women. We celebrate our diverse backgrounds and work together to prepare and donate care packages to people and organizations in need.

Our greatest impact is individual. If our number of gift deliveries equals moments of human connection, then close to three million people have been consoled, inspired, or uplifted, all thanks to one woman’s wish to deliver comfort to her mother. 

As they prepare packages, production staff will stop the line to ensure someone’s unboxing experience is absolutely right. Customer Care reps delight when a customer braced to do battle is instead wowed by a genuine desire and ability to solve problems on the spot. When the supply chain hiccups, team members across departments pull together and jump into action.

With 100,000+ five-star reviews, Spoonful of Comfort customers return again and again—and so do the people who receive their gifts, showing there are so many opportunities and occasions to share compassion and care. 

From Marti’s kitchen table to millions of homes across America, thank you for spreading a Spoonful of Comfort.