Hospital Gifts

You can’t always be there when a loved one is sick or struggling, but you can still show them how much you care by sending homemade soup gift baskets or hospital get well gifts. Whether they are ill, having a hard time in school or simply in need of a pick-me-up, a bowl of gourmet soup can go a long way in restoring the mind, body and soul. Just by showing them that you are thinking about them, you can raise their spirits and bring some happiness to their situation.

If you need get well gift baskets that have all the handmade care of a hug, then look no further. Made with simple, natural ingredients that will warm the heart, this comfort soup has no preservatives or additives-giving it the delicious taste of home. Full of flavor that is unmatched by any commercially processed soups, these soup baskets will show your loved ones how deeply you care for them.

In addition to helping those who are closest to you, your cancer care gift made with gourmet soup and rolls helps struggling cancer victims by bringing them that much closer to a cure. A portion of your sale goes to The American Cancer Society, which aims to prevent cancer and help those who are suffering from it.

A couple months ago, I arrived at the hospital to see my newborn nephew for the first time. As I walked through the sliding glass doors with excitement, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten something—A GIFT! I stopped dead in my tracks and thought to myself, “Where can I get a gift?” Well fortunately for me, I looked down the hall and saw the sign for the Hospital gift shop. “Great,” I thought. “Crisis averted!!!” As I walked in the door, I was immediately overpowered with the smell of multiple scented candles and a feeling of clausterphobia as I tried to push by the other 3 customers to see their selection of gifts. As I looked around, I saw a cabinet full of daisies in cheap vases. There was a selection of fashion magazines and definitely enough vintage candy brands to supply the 1980’s all over again. The stuffed animal section was out of control and the curio cabinet was filled with overpriced, faceless figurines and a few bells and thimbles branded with the hospital name on them. There were a few picked over t-shirts and an entire display of swap meet quality jewelry. “Really?” I thought. “Is this all that you have to offer the patients suffering here in your hospital?” I grabbed a card and a prefilled mylar balloon with a stork on it and headed toward the maternity ward. My brother laughed when I greeted him with the cheesy balloon and a congratulatory hug. My sister-in-law graciously thanked me and then told me I could put the balloon over in the corner next to the daisies, teddy bears, candles and other hospital gifts she had been given that day. As I looked at the pile of “crap that was accumulating in the corner of the hospital room, I thought to myself, “Honestly, there has to be something better that you can give to someone recovering in the hospital that they can actually appreciate!”

The problem is that most hospital gift basket shops are set up this way. They are typically run by hospital volunteers without any retail or merchandising expertise and therefore end up stocked with all sorts of odds and ends that may convey a gesture, but in the end are completely useless to the patient. Most of the time the gifts found in a hospital gift shop are going to be tossed either before leaving the hospital or soon after arriving home.

Instead of going the hospital gift shop route, try getting them a hospital get well gift that they can use. Try getting them something they can enjoy, even while they are recovering. A fantastic new get well gift idea is quickly becoming the hot new standard in get well gifts. Chicken noodle soup gifts and care packages are quickly becoming the hot new standard for showing someone you care in the same special way they remember being cared for as a child. Each chicken soup care package comes with a 64 oz. of fresh, old-fashioned chicken noodle soup decoratively packaged and surrounded by fresh baked goods and an assortment of comfort accessories like blankets, cozy socks, calming teas, and inspirational tokens.

Whether you want to express your get well wishes while the patient is still at the hospital or just send it as a nice surprise when they arrive home, chicken soup care packages can be delivered within a day of placing an order. What really makes this gift special is the way that it makes your recovering loved one feel. Chicken noodle soup is what mothers have made for their sick children for generations. These hospital gift, chicken soup care packages connect with the recipient in a more personal, nostalgic manner than any other boring hospital gift. The next time you want to buy a hospital gift, don’t! Give a Spoonful of Comfort Chicken soup packages a try. Once you see the reaction you get from the recipient, you will never send anything else as a get well gift.

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