How to Write Funeral & Sympathy Thank You Cards

Expressing Yourself in a Funeral Thank You Card

After losing a loved one, you may have been showered with notes, cards, gifts, and acts of service. Because of the nature of the situation, most people do not expect to receive a thank you note for sympathy gifts. However, after some time has passed, you may wish to send a personal thank you to those whose kindness impacted you most during your difficult time. 

Do not feel pressured to send a thank you card to every single person who expressed their condolences or to complete the cards all at once. Take as much time as you need and feel free to keep the message short and sweet. The recipients will be grateful to know you appreciate their sympathy gift or card, but what they care about most is your well-being. 

The good news is that writing sympathy thank you cards can be quick and painless. You can choose to buy funeral thank you cards with pre-printed messages on them or use blank cards. Either way, you can make the message as long or short as you like, as long as it is sincere.

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Who to Send Sympathy Thank You Cards To

If you would like to send a thank you note for sympathy gifts or services, but don’t know where to start, consider some of the ways people helped you during that time. Listed below are some of the most common reasons people send funeral thank you cards.

  • They brought or sent you a meal.
  • They helped watch or entertain your children.
  • They gave you a gift or card.
  • They helped with the funeral service.
  • They watched, walked, or fed your pets.
  • They brought or sent flowers or potted plants.
  • They donated to the funeral costs or to a charity in your loved one’s honor.
  • They attended the funeral service.

Tips for Writing Sympathy Thank You Cards

The best way to get started writing sympathy thank you cards is to sit down and make a list of the people you wish to include. Use the rest of the tips below to simplify the process.

  • Divide your list into sections so you can complete a few at a time instead of trying to get to everyone in one sitting.
  • If possible, have someone help you. If you are sending a thank you card as a couple or a family, it makes sense to divide the list among you. If the cards are only from you, you can still have someone help with adding a short message and you can approve and sign them.
  • Include your full name or that of the deceased somewhere on the card. This is particularly important for people you don’t know very well. For example, if your father passed away and you wish to send a thank you note to one of his coworkers, they may not recognize your name without his.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to include others when you sign the note. If you are sending a thank you card on behalf of your family, you would sign with the family’s last name rather than just your own name. If you choose, you can have each family member sign their names individually, but this is not necessary.
  • Don’t overdo it. It is not necessary to compose a lengthy message, even for those closest to you. A short and simple note is enough to convey your appreciation.

What to Write in Funeral Thank You Cards

Funeral thank you cards can be used to express your appreciation for a number of items related to the funeral or loss of a loved one. If you are looking for ideas and examples of what to write in sympathy thank you cards, try using some of the phrases below.

For Attending the Funeral

  • Thank you for attending ____’s funeral and celebrating his/her life with us. 
  • It was great seeing you at ____’s funeral.
  • We are so happy you were able to attend ____’s funeral.
  • It means the world to us that you came to ____’s funeral.
  • We are so grateful for the love and support you’ve given our family and appreciate you attending ____’s funeral.

For Sending Flowers

  • Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement you sent for ____’s funeral. It was such a thoughtful gift and really brightened the room.
  • Thank you for the gorgeous flowers and for your love and friendship during this difficult time. 
  • We were so touched to receive the flowers you sent and appreciate your kindness. We are grateful you are a part of our lives.
  • The flowers you sent were so beautiful! ____ would have loved them. We are so blessed to have you as a friend.
  • Thank you so much for the flowers you gave us for ____’s funeral. They meant so much to us and were a wonderful addition to the service.

What to Write in Sympathy Thank You Cards

In addition to sympathy gifts related to the funeral itself, you may have received cards, gifts, or services that were meant to simply show support or help you through the grieving process. Writing a thank you note for sympathy gifts is similar to writing funeral thank you cards, except you can leave out a reference to the service. The more specific you can be, the better; however, if someone is helping you write the cards, it is perfectly acceptable to use a general statement of appreciation, as long as it is sincere.

For Cards

  • Thank you for the card and your kind words of love and support. ____ always adored you and we know you will miss him/her as much as we will.
  • Thank you for your sweet note! Your words of encouragement meant so much during this hard time. You are such a wonderful friend.
  • Thank you for taking the time to send a card when ____ passed away. We still miss him every day, but take comfort knowing we have support from friends like you.

For Gifts

  • Thank you so much for the care package you sent us! We have put the ____ to good use, and it has brought us comfort when we needed it most.
  • You are so kind for sending us ____. It brought some much needed cheer during a difficult time.
  • Your gift was so thoughtful and greatly appreciated. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and always supporting us.

For Acts of Service

  • We cannot tell you how much we appreciated the meal you brought over after ____ passed away. It was such a blessing to have delicious food we didn’t have to prepare during such a stressful time.
  • Thank you so much for taking care of our yard while we were focused on funeral plans and family time. It was such a relief not to worry about the work we would need to catch up on later. We are lucky to have such wonderful neighbors!
  • Thank you for your help with our kids while we were getting things ready for ____’s funeral and burial. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

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