Surprising Truths About Employee Satisfaction

Your business depends on your employees. And they depend on you, too—but maybe for different reasons than you think. 

Work Institute, a leading HR consultancy, estimates 42 million employees will leave their jobs in 2018. More surprising is that nearly 77% of that turnover could have been prevented by employers.

So what are companies missing? Are you giving your employees the right reasons to stay?

Revealing data from over 243,000 exit interviews shows that only 30% of employees cite reasons that are solely financial and career oriented. Another 33% have to do with relationships—either with the company or at home.

Top 5 Reasons Employees Leave Jobs

    1. 21% Lack of Career Development 
    2. 13% Work-Life Balance
    3. 11% Unsupportive Managers
    4. 9% Compensation and Benefits
    5. 9% Personal or Family Health

Think about that. A full third of people leaving companies feel they’re missing a personal connection or are missing some kind of personal support in their lives. That’s an issue you can do something about.

Gifts to employees are a decidedly small effort. Yet that’s the beauty of them. When incorporated into a culture of employee support, employee gifting is a low-cost effort that can be a tremendous investment towards your workforce.

Promote Work-Life Balance

It’s not news that people are busier than ever. The number of two-income households is growing, and that means your employees are likely stretched thin when it comes to responsibilities at home. 

Spoonful of Comfort offers gift packages that uniquely address the needs of busy families. Where standard goody baskets are nice, they pale compared to the practicality of a ready-made, homestyle meal.

A gift from Spoonful of Comfort makes a connection with employees because it shows you understand a real need. A heat-and-eat meal means more time with family, less time spent shopping and cooking. It’s a great way to build loyalty not just with your employee, but with their family members, too.

Show Personal Support

It’s the little things that count. That’s true in life, and in the workplace. So even though business may demand extra hours, extra effort, and extra stress, you can make small efforts to mitigate potential resentment and burnout.

Show your appreciation with a gift for an employee’s overtime. Send a thank you “just because.” And celebrate personal moments in people’s lives. A manager that recognizes someone’s birthday, new baby, new home, or other big milestone makes a big impression. 

A gift from Spoonful of Comfort has an especially personal touch. It can feel more thoughtful than flowers, especially when personalized with add-ons like a baby bib or a witty book. You can help employees feel like they really matter. And that positive atmosphere can be felt in the workplace.

Support Employee Well-Being

Companies can’t control when an employee or family member gets sick. But you can help people feel better.

When an employee is out during flu season or needs to stay home with a sick child, a get-well package is incredibly appropriate—and appreciated. Soup from Spoonful of Comfort is a natural fit to show someone you hope they’re back on their feet soon. And it helps them look forward to being back.

More serious illnesses and injuries deserve attention, too. Even when an employee cannot continue work because of their own health or due to caregiving commitments, showing your support with a Spoonful of Comfort meal demonstrates sincere concern. Should the employee be able to return to the workforce again, the personal connections you make through your company culture can lead to long-term loyalty.

Company success and employee satisfaction aren’t all about the dollar. By building strong relationships, demonstrating company values, and making personal connections with employees, you give employees good reason to give you their best.

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