10 Gifts for Veterans to Say Thank You

Gifts for Veterans

Show the veterans you love how much you appreciate their service. A ‘thank you’ note is nice, but sometimes a gift can make them feel extra special. It can be meaningful to let someone know you appreciate their duty, honor, and the depth of their sacrifice. Here are ten gifts for veterans that come from the heart.

1. Challenge Coin Holder

Giving the veteran in your life a way to display and honor their challenge coins is a particularly meaningful idea. Challenge coins are keepsakes that remind your loved one of all they’ve achieved in service to our country. Many veterans proudly display the coins they’ve collected, so a gift like this recognizes that you don’t take your freedom—or those who protect it—for granted. 

Do a little research to find out what sort of challenge coin collection your loved one has accumulated so you can figure out the best way to display it. If you’re handy, you can even build a display shelf to add a personal touch.

2. Care Package

If your loved one has returned to civilian life and lives far away from family or old friends, they may get lonely from time to time. No matter how busy their work might be, a care package reminds them of good times and lets them know they’re not alone. 

A taste of home always hits the spot. You could send homemade family meals or packages of their favorite treats from neighborhood stores. Spoonful of Comfort offers a selection of thank you gifts for veterans with something for every preference and palate. 

3. A Special Watch

A watch is something many veterans need but may not think to buy for themselves. Choose from various designs to match the taste of the one you love. An elegant, stainless steel watch goes with any look and makes a statement. A tech-savvy veteran might enjoy a smartwatch, while those with an eye for fashion would appreciate designer timepieces. 

Get a fitness tracker for the active people in your life. Sports watches help athletes of any level connect with a like-minded community, learn about their fitness journeys, and improve along the way. 

4. Outerwear

No matter the time of the year or where your special veteran lives, a jacket always looks great. You can also include complementary accessories like umbrellas, gloves, hats, and scarves.

If they live in a colder climate, consider a heavy, comfortable style to keep them warm. Are they somewhere that gets a lot of rain? A stylish, waterproof jacket will keep them dry and looking good.

5. A Shadow Box

If your veteran wants to display their well-earned awards or memorabilia tastefully, a shadow box makes an excellent gift. Similarly, a glass-enclosed display case can show off what they’ve achieved through their service.

Large or small, a shadow box tastefully displays memorabilia, awards, and other military items. These enclosures protect precious heirlooms from air, dust, and humidity, which can cause damage. You can display the flag and branch stamp and get their name etched on the glass.

6. A Dozen Cookies

Deliver delicious cookies to comfort your veteran and send the message that you’re thinking about them. Whether you’re sending get-well wishes or celebrating a birthday, Veteran’s Day, or anniversary, let Spoonful of Comfort help. We offer the best kinds of cookies to send for any special occasion.

7. Army-Navy Chess Set

You don’t have to be a military veteran to choose a side in football’s Army-Navy rivalry. It’s legendary both on and off the field. If your loved one is a chess player, this is the perfect gift for them. 

Get creative and choose from various beautiful, detailed chess sets with pieces that will wage their war of intellect and wits. A gift like this is a thrilling game and a lovely decoration for any home. 

8. A Coffee Gift Basket

If the veteran you love enjoys a good brew, send them a care package with coffee, snacks, and mugs. Options include monthly subscriptions to try new coffee blends, coffee-themed baskets with complementary sides, or even a set of mugs that honor their service. For veterans who prefer a cup of tea, consider a gift basket with different blends and tasty treats to go along with the tea.

9. A Unique Experience

After a lengthy service, most veterans want to try something fun. You could gift them a great experience depending on their interests and location. What do they enjoy: SCUBA diving, hot-air balloon rides, or an evening at the theater?

Other options to consider include wine tasting, a gourmet meal, or a skydiving excursion. Be creative and give them something they wouldn’t think to get for themselves.

10. Travel Gift Cards

Your retired soldier might not travel as often as they’d like—it gets expensive. Travel-related gift cards help better manage the financial aspect of a trip, eliminating the stress that comes with paying for it.

Consider gift cards to specific hotels or airlines they use regularly. Luggage is a wonderful gift, such as a travel backpack with compartments for gear, a laptop, and other essential items. Consider eye masks, earplugs, comfy socks, streaming services, and travel kits to make those hours in the air more comfortable. 

Loving Gift Ideas for Veterans for Any Occasion

Our veterans hold great importance in America’s culture and history. Show your appreciation and love with one of these thoughtful gifts for veterans. Regardless of your gift, send a card telling them how much they mean to you. It’s something you never want them to forget.