10 Ways to Comfort a Child After Surgery (10 Gift Ideas)

Comfort Gifts

Surgery isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s especially tough for a child who may not fully understand what’s happening to them. They need comfort and care. Whether near or far, you can provide that with a thoughtful gift. Try these ten gentle gift ideas on how to comfort a child after surgery. 

1. A Security Blanket

Some children feel scared in hospitals or surgery centers. They sometimes feel scared in the evenings. One of the best things a child can do to help heal is rest and sleep. A comfort or security blanket can help them.

Choose something soft and cuddly that will feel good when a child wraps themselves up in it. If you can, find something in their favorite color. You can also choose a blanket that features characters from a beloved movie or cartoon. 

2. Activity Books

A child can enjoy activity books for hours. What interests your loved one? Find activity books with pages dedicated to animals, cars, space, oceanography, sports, and so much more. Most books come with age or grade recommendations. They might include word searches, “spot the difference” games, crossword puzzles, connect-the-dots, or fun facts pages. 

3. A Stuffed Animal or Toy

Similar to a security blanket, a soft and cuddly toy is sometimes perfect for a child after surgery. They can play with stuffed toys and animals, create characters and stories with them, or just cuddle while sleeping or resting. These new friends feel soft and comforting, so they’re perfect gifts for kids in hospitals. They also come in handy when a parent or caregiver has to step out of the room for a moment. 

4. A Weighted Blanket

This is one of the more interesting and unique gifts for post-surgery. Weighted blankets, just a bit heavier than a regular blanket, help keep children feeling snug and secure in bed. This encourages them to sleep more soundly as they heal and recuperate from surgery and illness. 

5. Paper Dolls

Paper dolls have been a favorite children’s activity for decades. Kids don’t have to be sick to enjoy paper dolls. But if a child is confined to a bed for rest after surgery, this is something interesting they can do to pass the time. It’s also inexpensive and allows a little one to use creativity and imagination. 

6. Coloring Books

A popular pastime for children of any age, coloring is an absorbing and relaxing activity, another way to engage with kids and their interests. Buy books based on what they like, such as flowers, animals, sports, favorite characters, or anything they’d find interesting. Include crayons or colored pencils, and feel assured they’ll be less bored thanks to your thoughtful gift. 

7. Care Packages

After surgery, children, like all of us, find comfort in familiar foods. A bowl of warm soup or some gooey chocolate chip cookies feed their stomach and their soul. They also feel comforted knowing someone like you cared enough to think of them and send it with a lot of love. Check out some of our gentle food and care packages for children recovering from surgery. 

Cookie Comforts

8. Books

Books help children escape into other worlds with memorable characters and exciting adventures. This is especially helpful for kids who don’t feel their best in their current world. Good books and stories can provide powerful relief as get-well-soon gifts for kids. 

Most online retailers and brick-and-mortar bookstores have helpful suggestions based on the children’s ages, grades, and special interests. You can even choose to send gift cards and allow them to pick the books online themselves. So you can’t go wrong. 

9. Puzzles

Does your child love to figure out and solve puzzles? This can include handheld puzzles like Rubik’s Cube or 100+ piece jigsaw puzzles spread over a bed or table. Word search puzzles and crossword puzzles simply require a pencil or pen. You can also choose mini-puzzles for younger children or trivia puzzles for older children. The possibilities are endless!

10. Slippers or Socks

When a child is in the hospital, anything soft is a welcome relief. This includes socks and slippers. They keep a child’s feet warm and clean while walking down hallways or just to the bathroom. You can find great options in their favorite colors or featuring funny sayings. Slippers can be snug or big, sweet or bold. 

Either way, this gift will bring a smile to someone who needs it. 

Gentle Gifts That Comfort Kids

It’s not easy for children to go through surgery and stay in a hospital. This can be an uncomfortable and confusing time. Learning how to comfort a child after surgery with gifts that convey love and concern helps them feel better. 

These gentle gifts let them know they’re on your mind when you can't be there. 

And if you know an adult who needs a little get-well care package or a sick day pick-me-up, we have gifts they’ll also love.