15 Cozy Winter Gifts For Someone Who is Always Cold

Winter Gifts

Picture it: you invite your closest friend over for some winter fun. You bundle up and go sledding before going inside for some hot cocoa. You sit on the comfy rug in front of the fireplace, cocoa in hand, and do a puzzle together in onesies, blankets, and cozy socks. And still, “Brrr!” Somehow your friend is cold. You know it’s time to find gifts for someone who is always cold. 

Finding gifts for people who are always cold can be difficult. Whenever you think you have the perfect present, they find a way to feel cold. We feel your pain, and we’ve come up with 15 warmup gift ideas for that friend. 

1. Thinking of You Package

When your friend (or you) receives the Thinking of You Package, you’ll find it impossible to be cold. Your coziest winter fantasy can be fulfilled with this package of soup, cookies, and rolls. The soup will do a beautiful job of warming them on the inside, and you can add a Cozy Comfort Throw to warm them up on the outside!

2. Cat Lover Gift Box

If your cold friend needing cozy winter gifts is a cat lover, this is perfect for them. With a package of five different socks, your friend is sure to be warm and stylish. You can easily pick a new or classic design based on your friend’s tastes. 

3. A Unique Candle

Don’t forget how warm candles are when looking for gifts for a person who is always cold. You might think that candles are boring and there’s no way to make them fun. However, these candles look and smell like a bowl of cereal, making your cold friend feel warm and cozy.

pumpkin spice candle

4. Coffee Mug Warmer 

If your friend enjoys coffee or warm drinks, this is the perfect cozy winter gift to warm them up. An intelligent beverage warmer can be ideal for keeping their mug hot. This warmer will detect when your mug is placed on it and shuts off five minutes after you’ve removed it. If you forget to remove your mug, no worries. The warmer will automatically shut off after eight hours. 

5. A Home-Cooked Winter Meal

Warming up your friend doesn’t have to be extravagant or pricey. Make a quick trip to the grocery store and cook your friend a delicious meal. This cozy winter gift will be delicious and warm—an ideal gift for people who are always cold. 

6. Reheatable Microwave Pad

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is always cold, these microwavable heat packs are a no-brainer. If your friend stays chilly under a blanket, they can pop one in the microwave for extra warmth. 

7. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

This cozy winter gift is perfect for warming your cold friend up. As a transportable fireplace that uses gel fuel, it works well indoors and outdoors and will make your friend feel warm instantly. With protective glass around the edges, the fireplace is made to withstand different weather conditions. 

8. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This is for people constantly rubbing their hands together or tucking them under their thighs. These rechargeable hand warmers are perfect for inside and outside warmth. You (or your friend) can charge them overnight to keep warm during the day or vice versa! 

9. Wax Warmer

This wax warmer and melter set is just right for keeping your friend warm. It’s the ideal cozy winter gift for feeling warm and smelling good.

10. Leggings

Your friend will be warm and stylish when trying these fleece-lined leggings. These comfy leggings go down to the ankles for complete coziness. And the best part is there’s a faux sheer option so your friend can wear cozy leggings while everyone thinks they’re wearing tights. 

You’ll find that a pair of knitted leg warmers can be more than an exercise accessory. Select from various colors and patterns for the perfect warmup gift.

11. Cookies and Cuddles Care Package

What if a little one is perpetually chilly? This is a great cozy winter gift for kids who are always cold—or for adults looking to warm up by snuggling with their wee ones for storytime. What’s comfier than cookies and cuddles?

cookies and cuddles care package

12. A Handmade Knitted Hat

No worries if you can’t knit; these hats are on Etsy and are a fantastic way to support small businesses while getting a cozy winter gift. The color schemes and fabric options feel endless, so get out there and look around. 

13. Personalized Mug

Your cold friend will always be warm when they have an epic mug to carry around with them. This example allows you to place a personalized picture and text on the mug making this a cozy winter gift for you and your friend. 

14. Microwavable Slippers

Does your friend always have cold feet? Here’s a unique gift idea to help keep the chill away. These slippers are made with all-natural grain and dried French lavender. Keep your friend warm and pampered!

15. Chase the Chills Away Care Package

With a warm scarf, excellent cookies, and more, your friend will never feel warmer after receiving their care package. 

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