15 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas [What Do They Really Want]

Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

What do teachers want for gifts? How can you show teacher appreciation throughout the year? We've gathered a plethora of thoughtful, caring, and unique teacher gift ideas (including a teacher-friendly word like "plethora!").

When to Give Teacher Gifts

Teacher appreciation makes sense on holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. You can also show teacher some love at the start of the school year, and again at the end. And—fun fact—National Teacher’s Day is on May 5th!

What is a Good Gift for Teachers?

What do teachers really want for gifts? If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, check out our list of unique teacher gift ideas below. And remember, teacher gifts can be made or purchased for an affordable price, so don’t stress about money—it is truly the thought that counts.

  1. Gift cards
  2. Classroom supplies
  3. Heartfelt notes
  4. Tasty baked goods
  5. Tea or coffee and a new mug
  6. A DIY spa day basket
  7. A dinner package so they don’t have to cook
  8. A thoughtful book
  9. A potted plant
  10. Volunteer in the classroom
  11. A soft blanket
  12. A kid-made craft
  13. Personalized stationery
  14. Pretty desk supplies
  15. Custom jewelry with a message from the student 

Can Public School Teachers Accept Gifts?

The line is a little blurry on whether or not public school teachers can accept gifts from their students or their students’ parents. Make sure to do a quick Google search for your local ethics law regarding gifts for teachers just to double check that you’re not breaking any rules or getting your teacher in trouble. You're likely to find it on the school district's website. 

If your state or local school prevents gifts, you can still show your gratitude with a heartfelt note, a craft handmade by your kid, or supplies for the classroom.

Can You Give a Teacher a Gift Card?

You can absolutely give a teacher a gift card! Everyone loves gift cards because they can buy what they truly want. A gift card is always a safe, stress-free option. And it doesn’t have to be significant. A gift card that covers a nice cup of coffee or pays for a quick lunch is always appreciated.

How Much Should You Spend on a Teacher Gift?

It is recommended that you don’t spend any more than $50 on a teacher gift—and anything less is perfectly acceptable. According to some state ethics laws, a gift of over $50 can pose as a point of controversy.

What is the Best Gift for Teacher’s Day?

The best gift for National Teacher’s Day should be special enough to feel like a personal thank you. Consider a gift card to a favorite store or unique splurge, a soft blanket to curl up in while grading papers, or a dinner care package with creamy soup, freshly baked bread, and tasty cookies.

When is Teacher's Day?

Teacher’s Day is May 5th, so mark it in your calendar and set a reminder!

How Do You Write a Thank You Note to Teacher?

If you’re writing a thank you note for your child’s teacher, write about how well your child is doing, how impressed you are with how much your child has learned, and how much he or she loves the teacher. Do one better and include a drawing and a handwritten thank you note from your child. Those are the notes treasured, shared, and kept over the years.

How Do I Celebrate My Teacher's Birthday?

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate a teacher’s birthday. Coordinate with other teachers to decorate the teacher’s door after he or she leaves for the day. Bring balloons and yummy treats. Make a card, write a letter, or create a craft with your kiddo’s face all over it! You can even treat the teacher to a birthday lunch: just ask ahead of time when his or her lunch break is and let him or her know not to bring lunch that day.

How Do You Congratulate a Teacher?

Consider a gift for a teacher that celebrate a milestone in life! Maybe they won an award or are getting married. Recognize the big things that happen in their lives outside of the classroom. You can, spread some love with a card, a basket of goodies, or a homemade trophy or plaque that your child put together.

Spoonful of Comfort Gift Ideas

What do teachers really want for gifts? We think it’s a package of delicious baked goods and rich, creamy soup, of course! Find some of the best teacher gifts ideas from Spoonful of Comfort, ranging from tasty dinners, calming teas, and super soft blankets.