25 Housewarming Gift Ideas: What to Give When Someone New Moves In

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether a family member or friend has just moved into a home, or you want to welcome a new neighbor on the block, a thoughtful housewarming gift could be just the thing to say, “Congratulations!” or “We’re happy to meet you!

There are multiple recipients for these gifts, including her, him, the recipient's family, friends, and more.

Our team members here at Spoonful of Comfort are expert gift givers, so we thought we’d share some of the best housewarming gift ideas we’ve seen (and tried) so far:

1. Foaming Hand Soap Variety Pack from Mrs. Meyers

These wonderfully-scented foaming hand soaps are made with essential oils, olive oil, and aloe vera so skin won’t dry out. The pack comes with the four garden-fresh scents listed below, providing variety for different sinks across the new house:

  • Lemon Verbena
  • Rain Water
  • Watermelon
  • Lavender

2. DoorDash Gift Card from DoorDash

With all the unpacking, arranging, and general chaos surrounding a move, a DoorDash gift card is a simple housewarming gift that’s too convenient to pass up. With 310,000+ restaurants in 4,000 cities and 400+ cuisines, you can connect loved ones with their favorite foods on the first day in a new neighborhood. 

3. Custom Neighborhood Map from MilesToGoMaps

Each map depicts the unique characteristics of a community, like block layout and parks. Plus, home is where the little red heart is. Select a size and color (Peach Sand, Neptune Green, Mango, or Black & White) and you’ve got yourself a unique housewarming gift. 

4. Banana Plant from Home Depot

Nothing welcomes someone home like fresh foliage. We’ve heard “everyone's favorite plant in 2022” is predicted to be the Strelitzia Nicolai (Banana Plant), known for its big, tropical leaves. The tree can grow quite tall (for homes with high ceilings) or can be given in the dwarf variety. The only care required is bright light and 1-2 waterings per week. 

5. Cookies and Cuddles Care Package from Spoonful of Comfort

Perhaps your new neighbors have little ones who are looking for some comfort during this big change in their world. A happily-ever-after book, soft blanket, warmable cuddle monkey, and story-time cookies are just the gift that might help them feel safe in their new space. 

6. Harmony Doormat from Ruggable

We like the geometric art deco styling of this particular mat, but with over 80 other styles available, there’s something for every taste. What’s great about Ruggable is their 2-piece system that consists of a rubber mat and doormat cover. 

The 100% natural rubber mat stays secure and features drain holes. The doormat cover has heavy-duty bristles, uses UV-resistant colors, is machine washable, and can be interchanged depending on mood or season. You’ll literally cover all the bases with this unique housewarming gift.

7. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon

Boasting 4 ½ stars across almost 95k ratings, you can’t go wrong with this housewarming gift idea. It’s small (only 5.5 inches tall) so it can fit in any room of the house. Pair it with Lagunamoon essential oils to give a gift that keeps on giving (intermittently for 6-8 hours or continuously for 3-4 hours). 

8. 2-Piece Cutting Board Set from OXO

Sure, wood cutting boards are pretty, but non-porous plastic ones are much more practical for everyday use. Meal prep is mess-free with double-sided use (a solid side for produce and a grooved side for meat), non-slip feet, and comfortable handles. This set comes with a large and small dishwasher-safe board. The receiver of this simple housewarming gift will be grateful whenever they pull it out of the cupboard.

9. Sammy & Lou Felt Storage Tote from Bed Bath & Beyond

Ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you there’s no such thing as having too many baskets or bins. Wrangling toys, books, shoes, dirty socks—whatever—in a respectable receptacle is always better than dealing with piles on every surface. We recommend a felt version that doesn’t scratch wood floors or leave pesky fiber slivers in fingers.

10. Peanut Butter Sampler from Uncommon Goods

With 96% of reviewers saying they’d recommend this to a friend, you know it must be good. Packing and unpacking is hard work and doing it all on an empty stomach doesn’t help. With this snack, no one will go hungry. These peanut butters are mixed with ingredients like cranberries, white chocolate, snickerdoodles, toffee, and coconut. The yummy blends can be spread on anything from bread and graham crackers to apples and bananas, and anything else that happens to be sitting in the pantry.   

11. Peace and Pampering Package from Spoonful of Comfort

After all the hassle and hustle of moving is over, there’s nothing a new neighbor would love more than a moment of zen. Come to the rescue with everything they need for a proper post-move recovery:

  • Soothing tea trio
  • Light-as-a-wisp blanket and socks
  • Lavender & Eucalyptus candle
  • Pure goat milk hand cream and lip balm
  • Calming coloring book with colored pencils

12. Toast Shaped Coasters from Design Ideas

When you can’t stop by with a freshly-baked loaf of bread, how about offering the next best thing? Developed by an up-and-coming Brazilian designer, these eight whimsical drink coasters are packaged like real bread so they’re as fun as they are useful. You’ll get a smile and maybe even an invite for drinks at the new digs. Sounds like a win-win of a unique housewarming gift to us!

13. Dahlonega Tray Bird Feeder from Wayfair

This darling white porch swing design gives feathered friends a nice spot to relax and sway in the breeze. The feeder features a linen rope and metal ring so it can be hung from a branch or pole. Measuring over 15” high and deep, it is large enough to feed several birds at once. Your new neighbor—ornithologist or not—will enjoy getting to know the neighborhood birds.

14. The Home Edit Life from Walmart

Netflix stars and #1 New York Times Bestsellers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin wrote this book coming from a genius, holistic approach to embracing a full life. Going beyond pantry organization and into all aspects of a family’s lifestyle, the reader learns how to know, own, and control the chaos. You may just find yourself reading this simple housewarming gift before passing it along. 

15. Kobalt 3-Step Foldable Step Stool from Lowe’s

When you think the new homeowner would appreciate a utilitarian gift more than a decorative one, we have just the answer. This step stool has a steel frame, oversized non-slip steps, and a 300-lb capacity that’s designed for rough-and-tough dependability. It’s a good thing it comes with a lifetime warranty because that’s how long it will be put to use at the new house.

16. Herbal Smudge Kit from Spoonful of Comfort

Help the homeowner invite positive energy into their new home with the Feng Shui practice of smudging. According to tradition, the smoke rising from burning herbs cleanses a space and makes it more sacred for living. Our cute kit includes the following:

  • Natural-fiber bag
  • Selenite cleansing crystal
  • Palo Santo (holy wood)
  • Stunning seashell for extinguishing the smoke
  • Instructions for use

17. Master of the Grill Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen

Trust us, your new neighbors will actually use this book loaded with foolproof recipes, top-rated gadgets, gear, ingredient lists, kitchen tips, and fascinating food science. We have dog-eared many-a-page ourselves, and can’t recommend it enough. Before you know it, the new homeowner will be enjoying a backyard barbeque of their own with family and friends.

18. White Marble Stepped Bookends from West Elm

The giftee will appreciate the heft of these bookends (crafted of solid marble) just as much as their incredibly sleek and sophisticated style. It means the heavy box of books can finally be emptied of its prized contents, and the books beautifully displayed on a shelf, mantel, or piano. 

29. Flower Seeds or Bulbs from American Meadows

Help a new yard out by sending flower seed packets or live bulbs to fill out the empty garden. The ones offered here are 100% pure non-GMO seed (no filler), plus they’re guaranteed to grow. Give the gift of gardening and maybe pick up some for your own yard as well.

20. The Clean Up Kit from BlueLand

This kit makes a great, simple housewarming gift. Reusable bottles and dissolvable tablets are the ecological and economical way to go with cleaning supplies these days. With a multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner in town, the new residents will have what they need for those last-minute cleanups. 

21. Dymo LetraTag Portable Label Maker from Staples

Come on, who doesn’t love a good label? Moving is the perfect opportunity to get organized and this handy little machine is just the thing to help make things neat. Most people don’t think of buying themselves a label maker, but being gifted one is sure to be much appreciated. 

22. Staub Rectangular Baking Dish from Macy’s

All the online rage, this dish will be used for baking over and over again for hearty casseroles, delicious cobblers, and everything in between. The stylish scratch- and stain-resistant porcelain finish is dishwasher-, oven-, broiler-, microwave-, and freezer-safe. For bonus points, give it full of freshly baked brownies and you’ll have friends for life.

23. Ring Video Doorbell from Best Buy

You know they want one, so why not use this occasion to gift the Ring doorbell. From anywhere and at any time, homeowners can see, hear, and speak with their visitors using customized settings. Videos can even be saved and shared. Answering the door has never been so safe, practical, and fun. They’ll love it.

24. Full Circle Mini Brush & Dustpan from The Container Store

It may be mini, but this is a great little set full of flair. It’s pretty enough to be hung in sight wherever it’s most useful, from coat closet to kitty litter cupboard. One reviewer loves that “the rubber lip on the pan makes it easy to sweep up every last bit of dirt/dust.” Another states that the nylon bristles are “stiff enough to do the job; not so stiff as to scatter crumbs.”

25. Housewarming Package from Spoonful of Comfort

An ultimate housewarming gift idea is our direct-to-door package that includes everything any new homeowner would love (including gluten-free or vegan options):

  • 4-6 servings of tastes-like-homemade soup of choice
  • 6 artisan rolls
  • 6 neighborly cookies of choice
  • A ladle worthy of a new kitchen
  • Optional:
    • After-dinner pie
    • Comforting candle
    • Cozy throw blanket
    • Beautiful coffee table book 

That’s it! Which housewarming gift idea will you give? And which will you keep for yourself? It doesn’t matter because they’re all simple and terrific, no matter which one you choose!