27 Housewarming Gifts for Couples, Singles, and Families in Your Life

Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new home is a milestone that should never be overlooked. If you have loved ones who have moved, reach out to them with thoughtful and celebratory gifts that spread joy and make them feel a bit more at home. 

Housewarming Gifts for Couples

Spoonful of Comfort has got you covered with 27 housewarming gifts for couples, singles, and families in your life.

Are you stressing about what to give to that special couple? Don’t fret. Here are nine ideas to get your creative ball rolling:

1. Personalized Doormat

Help your friends show off their home in style with a personalized doormat. You can add their surname in a font and layout that best suits their personality.

2. Personalized Cutting Board

Are your friends avid cooks? A personalized cutting board is another great housewarming gift idea. You can have their name, an inside joke, or a favorite recipe forever engraved in their beloved cutting board.

3. Couple Ornament

If that couple in your life has moved during the holiday season, give them a personalized couple ornament they can hang onto their tree in their new home! It’s a cute and thoughtful way to acknowledge their new place as their own. 

4. Wine or Cocktail Glasses

Wine or cocktail glasses are a wonderful and elegant way to extend your congratulations to the lucky couple. Some brands even come in colors and prints that can brighten up your friends’ kitchen space. 

5. House Plants

Why not turn your friends into cool plant parents? Whether you choose a bold, Giant Bird of Paradise or a simple, yet sweet Heartleaf Philodendron, these plants will surely freshen up their new space. Whatever you select, opt for a plant that requires low maintenance. 

6. Coasters 

Everyone drinks something in their day-to-day life, and protecting the furniture is important to most homeowners, so coasters are items your loved ones will definitely use and love. Purchase some fun ones like these toaster coasters, or go for an elegant style with ceramic stone coasters

7. Gardening Tool Set

Help your friends create colorful details in their yard by getting them a gardening tool set. This one from Amazon comes with all the essentials, from gloves and a weeder to a transplanter.

8. Personalized Dish Towel

Gifting an elegant and customized dish towel can help brighten up the couple’s kitchen. Even if they already have dish towels, you can help the couple stock up so they’ll always have clean and nice ones handy! And this one is personalized especially for them.

9. Knife Set

Whether your friends are avid cooks, or even trying to be, a good knife set can inspire them. Nearly every couple and kitchen could use an upgraded knife set. This Cuisinart knife set is ergonomic and made with stainless steel blades that cut with precision. 

Housewarming Gifts for Singles (Him and Her)

Have a single friend or family member who recently moved to a new place? There are plenty of housewarming gifts for men and women to choose from. Take your pick below!

1. Throw Blanket 

This cozy comfort throw comes in cool, neutral tones, perfect for that special man or woman in your life. Throw blankets are versatile—your friend or family member can throw them on their couch for looks, then wrap up in them after a long day. On top of that, throw blankets add a personalized touch of decor that can be changed seasonally. 

Cozy comfort throw

2. Tea or Coffee Set

Is your single friend a fan of tea or coffee? Help them feel cozy in their new abode with delicious and eclectic packages of tea or coffee. 

  • Tea: An assortment tea box like this one from Two Leaves Tea offers a variety of tea bags your friend or family member can enjoy trying. 
  • Coffee: This Arabica Taste Bundle from illy offers four different Arabica coffees your loved one can brew to spark up their mornings. 

Both brands also offer teapots and coffee makers if your friend doesn’t have these at their new place yet. (We’ve got out our tea favorites at Spoonful of Comfort; perfect for adding to one of our packages.)

3. Return Address Rubber Stamp

If your friend loves to send handwritten or paper letters and cards, this return address rubber stamp can be a thoughtful and customized gift. They’ll be able to stamp their home address in fine print on their envelopes with style and flair. 

4. City-Map Wall Art 

This set of three city-map wall art can be the perfect gift for that friend who wants to create a modern vibe in their new home. Select three cities they’ve lived in before, or maybe some they just admire or dream about. If you don’t think they’ll have enough wall space, opt for a single city-map wall art

5. Bookends 

If your friend is a bookworm, bookends might just be a big hit. There are various bookend designs out there, so be sure to find one that fits their personality. 

For example, these cool tabletop-lamp bookends are perfect for Steampunk fans, and this clever Yoda bookend was made for Star Wars enthusiasts.  

6. Flower Bouquet

Flowers can make a lovely housewarming gift for women. What’s not to love? Not only are they beautiful, but they also light up any room that your friend decides to put them in. 

Companies like The Bouqs Company offer next-day delivery and specialize in sourcing flowers and plants from sustainable farms. They have various gorgeous bouquets, so you can go wrong with what you select!

7. Pet Portrait

If you’ve got a pet parent in your life, consider gifting them with a pet portrait. There are different styles to choose from—you can go with a soft watercolor portrait or a funky renaissance portrait that’ll make your friend laugh. 

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it can also get hectic and stressful. Providing your loved one with an essential oil diffuser can help them relax and perhaps even get a much-needed good night’s sleep.

9. Scented Candle

Aromatherapy candles are also great relaxation gifts for the new home. Consider candles that come in their own container, or pairing stand-alone candles with a nice plate to protect the surface beneath the candle. 

Housewarming Gifts for Families 

If you’re congratulating a couple who has children, it’s a good idea to think about the kids when it comes to housewarming gift ideas for the family. 

Here are some thoughtful gift options to consider: 

1. Baby Gate

Baby gates are always useful. New parents will find them helpful and give them some reassurance knowing their home will be fully baby-proofed. 

Even if the parents already have one from their former home, their new abode likely has a different layout that may require more or different sizes of baby gates. So don’t be afraid to reach out to them to see what they need. 

2. Family Games

The family that plays games together stays together. You can never go wrong with games! It will encourage the family to gather and have a good time. (We’ve included our own conversation starter game cards into one of our favorite family meal gifts.)

Some fun family games to consider are: 

3. Baking Dish

high-quality baking dish is a great gift option for any family. They can use it for baking and cooking many things, from lasagna to brownies. It'll bring the family closer and encourage them to spend more time sharing meals together. 

4. Cookbook

For everyday chefs, both big and small, you can’t beat a good cookbook. There’s a reason why this Smitten Kitchen Cookbook from Deb Perelman is a New York Times Best Seller. It makes home cooking approachable with simple recipes and ingredients. Open it up every evening with the family, and cook up something delicious!

5. Personalized Family Throw Pillow

This family throw pillow gives people the opportunity to personalize their family space, from the couch in the living room to the entryway bench. Just select the font you want and type in each family member’s name. 

6. Fun House Slippers 

Kids might feel nervous moving to a new home and town. These fun and colorful home slipper boots can help them feel more comfortable and at ease. You can also make it an entire family affair by gifting some fun adult house slippers for the parents too!

7. Customized Mugs

These modern, hip monogram mugs from Anthropology are a beautiful delight that the family will certainly appreciate. Make each family member feel special and at home with a mug that has their first initial on it. Or, you can take the customization a step further by selecting from various styles of mugs and fonts via Etsy. 

8. iRobot Roomba

When you’ve got pets and kids running around, the easier you can make cleaning, the better. The iRobot Roomba can be a lifesaver for your family friends. Practical and smart, the Roomba has a full suite of sensors that guides the robot under and around furniture to give the space the cleanliness it deserves. 

9. Housewarming Soup and Treats Package

Moving can get pretty hectic, especially when there are kids involved. This housewarming care package from Spoonful of Comfort might just be the parent’s knight in shining armor. 

The housewarming package comes with enough soup to feed four to six people and an assortment of delicious baked goods. This can feed the family and keep everyone happy amid the chaos of moving. 

housewarming package

Order Your Housewarming Package Today

Our housewarming package is ideal for anyone—families, singles, and couples. Because let’s be honest, everyone could use some nice homemade soup and treats! 

So don’t miss out—check out our housewarming package today to help you give the gift of celebration, love, and warmth to your special people.