3 Creative No-Bake Holiday Recipes Even Kids Can Make

No-Bake Holiday Recipes

Holidays are fast approaching. While everyone is on the move with the shopping rush for gifts, kitchens at home are smelling delightful as chefs prepare special treats for the festive season. And since Christmas is a favorite time of year for children, why not get them involved in the kitchen?

Here are some fun, holiday-themed recipes that customers have submitted over the years. These recipes below may not be traditional but will soon become favorites once you introduce them to your family. These creative Christmas recipes that kids can help with, too, will surely win the hearts of your family.

Frosty the Cheeseman

This is no match to Frosty The Cheeseman's edibility. To make this nutritious snack, simply stack three cheese balls, each one smaller than the other. Then decorate the face and arms as you would a traditional snowman. Break out the crackers and veggies and enjoy!

Yogurt and Fruit Parfait

In a small clear glass container, put a spoonful of vanilla Greek yogurt, then add a layer of thinly sliced fresh fruit. Repeat the procedure for the second layer. Then top the mixture with berries and a kiwi as a delicious accent. Any fruit will do, but this is our favorite combination. So easy, and so delicious.

Snowflake Sandwich

This healthy, wintry holiday sandwich makes for a delicious snack, lunch or dinner. Let you kid cut snowflake shapes from white bread with a snowflake cookie cutter. For the sandwich filling, mix softened cream cheese and honey. Add some strawberry preserves or crushed pineapple for added flavor. Spread the mixture between the snowflake slices with a thin layer of cream cheese on top. For added flair, sprinkle sugar on top for a crystal-like snowflake glow.