3 Things I Learned from Marie Kondo’s "Tidying Up" | Guest Post by Cami Tiffin

Learn How To Tidy Up

Like so many other warm-blooded humans with access to Netflix, I’m suddenly extremely invested in “tidying up”. All because of the incredibly persuasive Marie Kondo, a magical being capable of convincing all of us to get rid of our clutter and unused junk simply by binge-watching her TV series.

It’s been both nostalgic and empowering to sort through the contents of our home and set it up in a way that serves and inspires us. Surprisingly, the countless hours spent caring for our space proved to be a very therapeutic, and a great form of self-care. Who knew? (Answer: Marie Kondo. She knew the whole time.)

Over the past month, I learned to feel gratitude for my home, and for the comforts I enjoy. I’ve also really enjoyed learning about surrender as I release the items we no longer use or need. As a result, I’ve created spaces that allow for more time with loved ones and more time filling our souls, and less time feeling stressed by unneeded things.

Ready for my crash-course in tidying? Wondering if the Marie Kondo process can work in “real-life” without the help of camera crews and production assistants? It can. Here’s the three biggest things I learned from downsizing my stuff and upgrading my sense of inner peace.   

1. Repurpose with Purpose:     

Instead of putting a lot of pressure on myself, (and our bank account), to make everything look Pinterest-worthy, I decided to use things we already had to organize drawers and closets. It turned out to be a fun creative challenge to reuse and repurpose meaningful items that would otherwise just collect dust or ended up in the trash.

I recently re-used the boxes from a Spoonful of Comfort care package in order to store my essential oils and pet supplies. The pretty patterns and inspiring quotes on each box made perfect storage containers, and they bring back happy memories every time I reach for a favorite oil or dog toy. I wouldn’t have that experience buying all new coordinating storage containers, and I’d just be adding more “stuff” to our space.

2. Sentimental Storage

I love collecting unique jars and random baskets for organizing our pantry. And once again, Spoonful of Comfort came through with a perfect storage solution: I saved the farmhouse-style soup jar to store almonds, and now get to remember a happy memory each time I add almonds to a salad, or grab a handful on my way out for a walk. I see my home as a living vision board, so sentimental items help me connect to good vibes and positive feelings each day, and it truly does bring me joy.

3. Embrace the Unique Comfort of Your Home:

It’s easy to buy into the impossibly limiting idea that our houses should look just like a magazine. But the older I get, the better I become at deciding what works for me and my family. I aim for our home to speak to our souls and be a place for rest, healing, connection and inspiration. It probably won’t ever be featured on an interior design blog, and my kitchen will never be “pinnable,” but it’s our home, where we celebrate birthdays and holidays and come together as a family to love and support one another.

I love seeing Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” method inspire people to turn inward, to focus on feeling love, gratitude, and connection with their homes. The idea that a feeling of home exists within us and within the walls we live is a powerful concept. “Tidying Up” helped me understand this on a personal level, and I am cheering for anyone who wants to reclaim that magic in their own lives. Whether you find a way to display and enjoy the postcards your mom sent you from her recent travels, or you discover joy in the pattern on the side of a pretty box, embracing Marie Kondo’s ideas isn’t just a trend, it’s a way to make each day a little brighter. Almost like a box of homestyle soup or bakery-fresh cookies sent to someone you love.

Cami Tiffin is a wife, mom and business woman who lives to inspire and be inspired! Follow her daily adventures on Instagram.