3 Ways to Relax and Reinvent Yourself

Relax and Reinvent Yourself

The holidays are fast approaching. While the holidays are undeniably entertaining and full of love, they can also be overwhelming. For many, the holidays are immediately followed by a vacation. But while you’re “in the thick of it,” can you afford to be away with so much going on this holiday season? 

Until you find time to take a well-deserved vacation, here are some ways to get in some mini-moments of relaxation.

Go for a steam bath

Look for a suitable sauna or steam room and indulge in the soothing steam. Once you sweat it out, you feel your muscles relax, and your body feels like it’s floating on air.

Find peace

Peace is a relaxing state of mind, heart, and body. For some people, this may be as simple as catering to plants, or just reading a book. Find your zen.


We’ve become a society that is always “on.” While there are advantages to being hyper-connected to everything, always, it can also be tiring. Sometimes you need to reset, figuratively and literally. Unplug the TV, turn off the phone, avoid emails, and logout of social networks. Even if just for a few hours. The brief break can do wonders. 

Just because the holidays are busy doesn’t mean you can’t get in a little down time. Learn to disconnect. Sit by the fire. Take in a bowl of your favorite soup and savor it leisurely. Enjoy the silence. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be once you’re recharged.