4 Perfect Cookie + Wine Pairings

Perfect Cookie and Wine Pairings

Ready to spend the winter months baking your favorite treats and enjoying cozy evenings? Whether you spend the next few months watching snow storms or taking walks along the beach, warm and freshly baked cookies should be part of your upcoming plans. Of course, you’re going to need something to great to drink with your treats, and while you may have loved cookies and milk as a kid, try a decidedly more grown-up version of a classic by pairing your favorite cookie with some of your favorite wines. 

Here’s our guide to mastering the sophisticated art of pairing two of our very favorite things:

Chocolate Chip and Cabernet

Chocolatey, slightly soft in the center, and especially good when sprinkled with a tiny bit of kosher salt— a chocolate chip cookie is the perfect dessert, snack, or late-night indulgence. The only thing missing? A glass of cabernet. This full-bodied and moderately dry red wine has just enough tang to cut the sweetness of the chocolate chips, and since it pairs so well with food, you should probably serve your chocolate chip cookies warm, and with a side of ice cream. Just to fully balance out the semi-savory flavors in the Cabernet, of course.

Snickerdoodle and Riesling

A light and fruity Riesling is the perfect complement to cinnamon sweetened snickerdoodle, so celebrate the winter months by snacking on cookies and enjoying a traditional German Riesling. And since Riesling is known for being a smooth drink, it balances out the crunch of a perfectly baked snickerdoodle cookie especially well. So well that we say it’s almost mandatory that you at least try this cookie + wine combo.  

Sugar Cookies and Champagne

 Nothing says celebration like a tall glass of bubbly champagne, but you certainly can add to the festivities with a batch of sugar cookies, preferably those with sprinkles. Bubbly, light, and just a tiny bit sour, champagne pairs perfectly with sugar cookies since it heightens their sweetness instead of competing with it. Next time you make a batch of sugar cookies for a Holiday gathering, make sure to bring along a bottle of your favorite champagne as well, we guarantee it will make everything just a little merrier.

Oatmeal Raisin and Shiraz

We all know that cookies made with oatmeal are automatically a health food and therefore perfectly acceptable to eat for breakfast, or at any time of day. And while you might have to wait until the end of the workday to pair this wholesome treat with a glass of wine, we absolutely recommend a glass of Shiraz for when the time comes. Dark, with a spicy and peppery aftertaste, this is the ultimate “opposites attract” pairing. And while the full-bodied flavor of Shiraz might overwhelm the average cookie, it’s perfect for a dense oatmeal raisin. 

We hope the next few months are spent sharing quality time with loved ones and friends, but we know it isn’t always possible to see everyone on your Holiday wish-list. And there’s not always time for baking. Fortunately, Spoonful of Comfort can deliver freshly-baked cookies to the special people in your life, anywhere in the continental U.S. Show someone you care—and, just as important—give them a good reason to enjoy that great bottle of wine they’ve been saving.