5 Fun Fall Traditions to Start Right Now

5 Fun Fall Traditions

What’s Fall without a pumpkin-spice infused bucket list? From enjoying the changing leaves to discovering new ways to bond with your family now that the pool is closed, we’ve got you covered when it comes to starting new Autumn-themed family traditions. So grab a scarf, dig out your favorite pair of boots, and make the most of the next few months of sweater-weather.

1. “Boo” the neighbors.

Drop off a surprise treat for the neighbors with a fun “You’ve been Boo’d” note for them to hang on their door. Alongside your treat, leave instructions to “Boo” another family, and spread some seasonal fun throughout the neighborhood. You can also swap out a treat for an act of service, and encourage your kids to think of ways they can make their community a little bit better—think raking a neighbor’s leaves or volunteering to babysit. 

Bonus: this is a great way for friends and neighbors to get to know each other a little better before everyone goes into hibernation over the winter.

2.  Plant your Fall bulbs.

Yes, the chilly mornings and crunchy leaves are endearing now but come to Springtime, you’ll welcome some bright, cheery tulips and hopeful daffodils. Spend an early-fall weekend picking out bulbs for flowers in your favorite hues, and enjoy a perfect Fall afternoon planting and preparing for Spring. 

3. Go “leaf peeping” with your favorite book.

Didn’t know “leaf peeping” was an actual term? According to the internet, it’s the official phrase for what your parents called “driving up the canyon to look at leaves.” Make your trip extra special this year with the addition of a fun audiobook or podcast— guaranteed to make even the most reluctant (possibly teenaged) participant want to enjoy nature “just a little bit longer.” Now is the perfect time to start the Harry Potter series, or deep-dive into the “Snap Judgement” podcast while enjoying the changing colors and cooler temperatures.

4. Take a Ghost Tour of your hometown.

Bigger cities often offer official tours of their historically haunted sites, but you can get your spooky on wherever you are with a quick internet search for local haunts. Whether you search for ghosts outside the historic city library, our scope out the site of your favorite urban legend, you can customize this activity based on the ages and scary-story tolerance of everyone involved. Wrap up the evening with some hot chocolate or pie at your favorite diner, and you’ve started a family tradition everyone will love. 

5. Plan an indoor picnic/movie marathon.

Picnic season doesn’t have to end just because Summer did! Spread out a blanket in the family room, make your famous Chili and cornbread, and settle in for an evening of classic movies, snacks, and quality family time.  Of course, now is the perfect time to mention that you can send this tradition to family and friends anywhere in the U.S. care of a Spoonful of Comfort care package, but how you share the living-room picnic love is entirely up to you.

As our favorite Fall-loving heroine, Anne of Green Gables, once said, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” It’s the perfect time of year to start a new tradition, check-off those seasonal bucket-list items, and spend time with friends and family, all while wearing your favorite sweater