5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas 

What Is the Significance of a Fifth Anniversary?

The fifth year of marriage is really the first big milestone—you've made it half a decade! So, of course, it makes sense that you would want to honor it in a special way. Wood is the traditional symbol of a 5-year union, and that is typically reflected in the gifts.

What Does Wood Symbolize in a Marriage?

The symbolism of wood is that of establishing firm roots. It's said that by the time couples have been married for five years, they have begun to develop a strong bond, much like a tree's deep roots. For this reason, trees also play a large part in the symbolism. Just imagine how strong that tree will be at your 50th anniversary.

How to Choose the Perfect 5-Year Anniversary Gift

Choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, it shouldn't. The critical thing is to pay attention to your partner's likes and dislikes, then incorporate what they like into a present. By this point in your marriage, you should be well-tuned to each other and have at least an inkling of what makes the other person happy. 

Some people are into more materialistic things, while others appreciate a good sentimental gift that shows you put a lot of thought into it. It can build on your 4-year anniversary gift, or surprise your partner by going in a totally new direction.

What Are Some Traditional 5-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas?

Since wood is the main symbol for the 5-year gifts for your anniversary, it should likely be the central theme in your gift. There are plenty wood anniversary gifts you could think up. Here are just a few of our recommendations. 

Jewelry box

If your partner has a lot of jewelry, hair pieces, or accessories, a jewelry box is a great way to help them keep those pieces organized. They come in a variety of sizes, and many allow for engraving, whether on the box's surface or a lovely sentiment on a metal strip that adheres to the top. 

Wall decor

If your loved one likes to decorate, this traditional gift could be perfect. Consider an artistic rendering of trees (to symbolize wood) or a drawing or painting that reminds you of your relationship. 

Wooden photo frame

But this time, kick it up a notch. Make this photo gift special by painting or adding your own decorative touches, such as your wedding date or a special message that resonates with you two. They come in a number of sizes, and you're likely to earn bonus points if you put a special picture of your time together inside a beautiful personalized wooden photo frame. 

Household goods

Even after five years of marriage, you might find that you could still use a few household goods. Maybe a wine cabinet, a bookshelf, or even a few bowls for the kitchen or utensils. These all come in wood varieties and could make the perfect gift.

How Can I Incorporate Wood in a Unique Way?

Laser engraving has come so far in recent years that you can engrave nearly anything on a wooden surface. Find one of your favorite pictures and then have an engraver turn it into a wooden photo gift. Then, display it on the wall in your bedroom or living area. 

Another novel idea to incorporate wood into a gift is to create or buy a puzzle that your partner will enjoy putting together. These can be elaborate or simple. For example, you can add to the idea of engraving a picture into wood by making it a puzzle. There are also plenty of wooden novelty items you can buy as a gift. 

What Are Some Other Symbols I can Use in My Gift? 

While wood is the traditional gift for this milestone, there are other symbols of a fifth anniversary. For example, a modern or contemporary symbol is silverware. While it may sound weird initially, it makes perfect sense when you hear the reasoning. Silverware represents the connection the couple has formed while enjoying meals together and with their children, if applicable. 

Did you know that there's a gemstone associated with each anniversary? For a fifth anniversary celebration, this would be the sapphire. This blue jewel makes for a great gift idea. For example, a necklace, ring, or bracelet with this gemstone would make a wonderful present for your wife. If you're searching for a sapphire jewelry gift for your husband, think of a pair of cufflinks or a watch with sapphires on the face or band. 

If you're looking to pick up a bouquet of flowers for the celebration, make sure you include daisies. This delicate-looking bloom is representative of five years together. The daisy comes in several different colors. The most common is white, but you can also find them in yellow, pink, red, and orange.

While this flower has several meanings, the one that resonates most with the 5th anniversary is "loyal love." You can also buy daisy-themed items instead of or in addition to flowers. These also make great 5th wedding anniversary gifts for parents and other loved ones who might be celebrating a second chance at love.

How to Make Your Anniversary Gift Personal and Meaningful

Making your 5th wedding anniversary gift personal and meaningful is easy if you put some thought into the gift. Stay away from mainstream stores and instead focus on something that has a deeper meaning for the two of you. A personalized gift with your names, wedding date, and maybe even your couple tag (they're all the rage these days) or a sweet message will go a long way in pleasing a loved one. Just remember it should say more about being a spouse than a parent, as a Father's or Mother's Day gift for your spouse would.

How Can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

Spoonful of Comfort can help you choose the ideal gift for your 5th anniversary. There are plenty of gift boxes with essentials for pampering, or you can speak with a customer service agent and craft your own to fit the theme of your anniversary.

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