7 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

If you’re ever in doubt regarding the inherent goodness of people, it’s important to remember that these three things exist: unlimited photos of baby animals on the internet, news stories about elderly couples who are still madly in love, and chocolate chip cookies. 

Chip Cookie Recipes

Find one of these three things, and your faith in humanity should be instantly restored. And good news, one of those three things can be made right in your kitchen, day or night. (You might be able to get the other things at home too, but it’s not guaranteed. We don’t know your life.

We do know that there’s a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for everyone: from the foodie types who love unique secret ingredients, to the traditionalist who just wants to recreate the Mrs. Field’s classic. Wherever you fall on the cookie-loving spectrum, we’ve got your new go-to cookie recipe.

1. NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This one requires a little planning on your part. In order to make this internet sensation, you’ll need time to chill the dough for at least 24 hours, both cake and bread flour, and specialty bittersweet chocolate. But the internet swears by this recipe, so maybe make this your weekend go-to when you’re searching for the perfect cookie. GET THE RECIPE

2. Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Want fluffy, almost brownie-style cookies? Here’s your new favorite recipe. These are a perfect dupe for your favorite bakery or coffee shop cookies, but you get a whole batch instead of just one.  Added bonus: sea salt. GET THE RECIPE

3. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

No fancy sugars, just one type of flour, and no waiting for the dough to chill. This is the best recipe for a classic no-fuss cookie. Perfect for making right before a kid’s slumber party or as dessert for last-minute dinner guests. GET THE RECIPE

4. Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

The original recipe you remember from your childhood. (Anyone else remember running errands with your mom at the mall, and getting one of these cookies as a treat?) Remember to flatten the cookies a little right before baking to get the perfect crispy edge. GET THE RECIPE 

5. Bon Appetit’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Two words: browned butter. It really is worth the extra effort to brown the butter used in this extra-fancy (seeming) recipe. These cookies win the coveted Perfect Chewy Center award, and we don’t give that award out to just anyone. GET THE RECIPE

5. The Worst Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t worry, the tile isn’t serious: but the results (a batch of amazing chocolate chip cookies) are very, very serious. Spoiler: the secret ingredient is maple syrup, and you’ll want to add it to every cookie recipe ever after making these. GET THE RECIPE

7. Cookie Jar Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Want a twist on the old classic? Try these double chocolate chip cookies, which are pretty much created to be dunked in a glass of cold milk. 

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