7 Ways to Make Someone Happy

Making Someone Happy

Chances are you have people you care about. Everyone does, right? And when those you care for are feeling down, you want to make them smile and feel better. That isn’t just being nice, it’s human nature. There are many ways to make someone happy, however, it all depends on their personality. For some, just showing them an adorable video of a kitten will work. Others won’t find that uplifting enough.

Here are some other ways to cheer up somebody who is struggling:

  • Joke - Jokes can be the easiest way to make someone laugh. But remember, what is funny to you may be offensive to others.
  • Tell them you care - When we are feeling down, we often just need to hear from someone who cares. Telling somebody you care about them will make him or her feel loved. Doesn’t everyone want that?
  • Secret notes - Notes can be a fun way to cheer somebody up. Leave notes of encouragement, I love yous and thank yous around the home or office. Admit it, you’d love it, too!
  • Food - Many of us love food when we’re feeling down. Treat someone to breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you might be amazed at how quickly they perk up.
  • Listen - This is easy to overlook. We get so focused on doing things for others that we forget the most important thing: listening. Listening makes all the difference in the world. When we’re upset, often times we need to vent, or just need someone to listen to us.
  • Hugs - Hugs are a universal sign of love. Give someone a hug and if they don’t feel better, give them another one!
  • Create and/or send care packages - Sending or dropping off a care package is awesome. There’s no right or wrong way to make a care package. Fill the package with items they love, and include a card telling them how much you care. Short on time, Spoonful of Comfort has many care packages to choose from! Yum, chicken noodle soup!

No matter how you do it, making someone feel better will make you feel better. But it’s tough to lift someone up, if you are feeling down. You have to be happy to make someone else happy!