9 Housewarming Game Ideas to Celebrate Your New Home

Housewarming Game Ideas

Throwing a housewarming party is exciting, but can also be nerve-wracking. Not only are there food and drinks to think about, but also guests to entertain… 

But never fear! You can really crank up the energy at your housewarming party by throwing in some fun games. Rest assured the team here at Spoonful of Comfort has you covered with fantastic housewarming game ideas that are great for both adults and kids. 

These games will surely keep your guests entertained, and offer fun and unique opportunities to celebrate your new home:


  1. Keep Your Keys

Give each person a key (it can be a real key or paper cutout). After that, no one is allowed to say the words “house” or “home.” 

If someone hears another guest say either of those words, that person can take the guest’s key. The person with the most keys at the end of the evening (or whoever winds up with all of them) wins a prize. 

  1. Home or Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive housewarming game. It offers you and your guests the opportunity to explore the new home and neighborhood together with some competitive spice.

An at-home scavenger hunt is a great way for your loved ones to browse your new abode. You can make a list of small and big household items your guests need to find. Decide whether you want to hide them or if you want them to be easily found. 

Drop some clever clues on what these items are. For example, if one of your listed items is your potted plant, you can write something like, “I’ve got some dirt, but I can be beautiful. You’ll find me in bright colors like reds, pinks, and greens.” 

Have your guests take pictures of the items and after the time expires, whichever team has the most accurate pictures of the items wins. 


If you’re blessed with nice weather and views in your area, consider doing a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Spend some time outdoors and explore the new neighborhood together. 

Keep an eye out for any specific landmarks in your neighborhood and create your scavenger hunt list. Below are some ideas to get the ball rolling: 

  • Three cars on a driveway
  • “For Rent” sign
  • Brick house
  • Green front door 
  • Boarded up window 
  • Basketball hoop on a driveway
  • Neighborhood cafe 
  • Lemon tree 
  • Sofa on a front yard

You can then put together a DIY map or download a scavenger hunt app your guests can use. Be sure to drop some clues to encourage your guests to solve puzzles and have some fun! The winner is the winner of the group or person who gets back to your home with all the landmarks checked off the list. 

  1. Room Memory

Who among your guests has the greatest memory? The Room Memory game will show you! 

Take your friends and family into one room and give them one minute to observe and memorize the space as much as they can. When that one minute is gone, you can have your guests either:  

  • List items they remember in your room. The items should be described in detail, and the person with the most items listed will be the winner. 
  • Answer a series of specific questions (e.g. What color is the bookshelf? Who is pictured in the wooden picture frame above the bed? What pattern is on the rug?). The person who gets the most answers right is the winner. 
  1. Home Unscramble

Create a list of words related to home and living, and have your guests write down how many words they can spell when they unscramble them. 

Some examples of words you can provide include: 

  • Pantry 
  • Cabinet
  • Garage
  • Shower

You can also have your friends and family unscramble your name or new street name. Use this nifty Scrabble tool to keep track of the answers, and determine your winner. 

  1. New Town Trivia

If you have some trivia wizards among your group, spice things up with some new town trivia. Look up facts about your new state, city, or neighborhood to help craft your trivia questions. You can cover historical figures, famous landmarks, and recent events.

  1. Housewarming Pictionary

There’s nothing like a good ol’ game of Pictionary as a housewarming party game. It’s simple, and creates laughs and memories. And it might just unveil some talented (and perhaps not-so-talented) artists in your party group! 

Separate your guests into two teams. Each team member will draw a card—you can make your own or order some online. The cards will have household objects written on them. 

So if one person selects “coffee table”, they’ll draw it, and their teammates have one minute to guess what the drawing is. The team with the most points wins. 

  1. Pick the Key

The idea of this game is to present your guests with a bowl of several keys—only one of them opens up your house door. People can take turns picking a key and trying to open the door. The first guest to discover the right key wins. 

Depending on how many people you have, you can also break up your guests into two teams. The first team to open up your door within an allotted time frame wins. 

  1. Famous House Match

Print out pictures of famous houses from movies and TV shows. See how many of your guests can guess which house belongs to which movie or show. 

Some of your pictures might include: 

  • The Home Alone home
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air home
  • The Full House home
  • The Dursely’s home from Harry Potter
  • The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off home 
  • The Seinfeld apartment building 
  1. Question Jar

Your home is a safe and comforting space that brings your loved ones together. Why not unplug, connect, and grow closer together by asking each other some fun and intriguing questions? This is where the question jar game comes in.  

Question jars are great for dinner-time conversations. Just pass a jar filled with questions around the table, and have each guest pull one out and share their answers. 

Below are some examples of questions you can add to the jar before your party. You can make them as deep—or as funny—as you want! 

  • What superpower would you want and why? 
  • If you were a potato, what way would you like to be cooked? 
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
  • When you pass away, what’s one thing you want to be remembered for? 

Celebrate Your New Home with Spoonful of Comfort 

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