9 Unique Food Gifts for Grandparents

Food Gifts

Sending gifts to grandparents from far away can be fun for everyone! Especially when you’re sending goodies from people who probably always had a little treat at the ready for you. 

Food is a big part of the best grandparents gift ideas. And it’s as fun to get as it is to give!

What to Consider When Buying Edible Gifts for Grandparents

Take a few minutes to answer the five questions below. These questions will help you to identify a thoughtful gift your grandparents will love. 

Why Are You Sending It?

Is this gift for a birthday, Christmas, or just for fun? No matter the answer, you can customize your gift to add extra impact.

What’s Your Budget?

Decide your budget before looking at unique food gifts for your grandparents. Looking blindly may tempt you to spend more money than you were planning. 

Do They Have Allergies?

It would be disappointing for everyone if you sent something your grandparents can’t enjoy. If you don’t know if they have any allergies, ask your parents, uncles, or aunts. People’s food sensitivities can change as they age. It’s important to consider any foods that could potentially affect medications, as well.

What Are Their Favorite Foods?

Incorporate your grandparents’ favorite foods into their gift to show you pay attention to their likes and dislikes. 

Are They an Eater or a Maker? 

Would your grandparents prefer to make something or eat something already made? What you send can change depending on the answer. 

3 Gift Ideas for Eaters

Some people love to eat, and who can blame them? Here are some gift ideas that require no preparation—just open and enjoy! 

1. Birthday Cookie Comforts

Sad that you can’t say “Happy Birthday” in person? While it’s not the same as your presence, our delicious cookies are a pretty good way to make your grandma or grandpa smile on their special day. Top it off with a lengthy phone call, and you’ll win grandchild of the year!

This cookie package includes one or two dozen cookies of your choice, a birthday card, and confetti. It’s a party in a box! 

p.s. Spoonful of Comfort has Cookie Comfort packages for nearly every other occasion, too!

2. Can’t Top This Care Package

Is one of your grandparents a lover of comfort food? Then this is the comfort food care package for them! Featuring delicious soup of your choice, soft rolls, and cookies, (plus, you can even add gourmet soup toppers!) it’s hard not to smile when you open this package. 

This comfort food care package works as a “thinking of you” gift or a gift to show you’d like to help your grandparents through a tough time in their life. 

3. Feed the Fam Package

Can you take care of the family dinner? The Feed the Fam Package can serve four to six family members—or your grandparents’ friends for their weekly game night—with two different kinds of soup, a dozen rolls, cookies, and a new ladle for serving. Plus, you can leave a lovely message on the notecard. 

Feed the Fam Package

3 Gifts for Makers

Are your grandparents amateur chefs or bakers? Do they love spending time in the kitchen and sharing their creations? These gifts are perfect for encouraging their hobby (and maybe getting some tasty treats sent your way).

1. Sushi Making Kit

Do your grandparents love eating sushi? Have them make their own with this sushi kit that goes over the process step-by-step. It makes eight rolls for the two of them to share. 

The kit includes a bamboo rolling mat, sushi rice, nori, rice vinegar powder, sesame seeds, and wasabi powder. Your grandparents will have to get the fish themselves.

Make sure to call them so they can tell all about how much fun they had.  

2. Home Chef Subscription

This subscription service lets your loved ones make wonderful meals without leaving the house! Home Chef delivers all the supplies needed to make meals once a week, leaving only the cooking left to do.

You can customize what meals get sent to your grandparents through their many different options. 

How nice would it be for grandma or grandpa to not have to worry about going to the grocery store to get a good meal? 

3. Chef Kenny Gilbert’s Ultimate Spice Blends Gift Set

Warm up your grandparents from the inside out with this spice set created by a professional chef. Your grandparents can use them in their recipes or follow the recipes that come with the set. 

This is perfect for soups, grilling, and various oven dishes. It’ll bring new flavors to your grandparents’ favorite meals.  

3 Miscellaneous Gifts

Sometimes gift ideas don’t fit in the eater or maker category. These long-distance grandparent gift ideas are too fun to pass up, even if they don’t fall into the above categories.  

1. Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription

Does one of your grandparents always have a cup of tea in their hands? What better way to show they’re in your thoughts than with a monthly tea subscription service? 

Simple Loose Leaf offers a variety of options for different types of tea and for how long the subscription will be. They’ll walk you through each step of deciding what kind of tea is best for your loved one. 

2. Vermont Maple Syrup Set

Elevate their breakfast experience with this maple syrup sampler from Vermont, the maple syrup capital of America.

This set offers three different flavors of maple syrup made with natural ingredients and is made in Winooski, Vermont. Have your grandparents start their day in the best way possible.

3. Cookies and Cuddles Care Package

Are grandchildren getting ready to have their first sleepover at their grandparents? Help make this first experience easier with our Cookies and Cuddles Care Package!

This package has cookies, a cuddly blanket, a warmable stuffed monkey, and a Cuddle Monkey book. It’ll make bedtime a breeze for everyone.  

Cookies and Cuddles Photo

Find the Perfect Gift with Spoonful of Comfort 

Spoonful of Comfort wants to make your gift searching journey easy. We offer a variety of delicious homemade gifts for grandparents. If you’re looking for non-food-related gifts from grandkids to grandparents, check out these 23 best Christmas gifts for grandparents. (They’re great for any occasion, not just Christmas!) 

We understand that sending love and comfort from far away can make someone’s day or, depending on the gift, someone’s week. That’s what our whole business is built on.

Let’s find that perfect unique food gift for grandma or grandpa together. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.