A Cure For Winter Weather

Getting Through The Winter

The weather changed, so they all got colds. It happens every year, but never fails to take us completely by surprise. Luckily for us, they know the cure (well, at the very least, the remedy): chicken soup. Having a few great chicken soup recipes under your belt for cold and flu season will not only help you weather it, but will also make you look like a superhero to friends in need. If anyone has ever made you chicken soup when you were sick, you know awesome it is, and how restorative it can feel. 

Chicken soup may not really cure a cold, but it certainly helps. Even if you're in perfect health it tastes awfully good. That's probably why every culture on earth has a take on this warming broth, from the American South to China to Colombia to Thailand and back again. It seems the one thing they can all agree upon is that chicken soup is the best. Now, you don't need cold weather as an excuse either. Spoonful of Comfort is one of the most used resources for sympathy and holiday gift ideas.

If you can't be there in person to make your loved one's soup - Send Spoonful of Comfort. It's the next best thing. Packages may be ordered online at spoonfulofcomfort.com or by calling 877-404-7678. This package is just one of many thoughtful gift ideas Spoonful of Comfort has been simmering up since 2008. The company is dedicated to the memory of Mona Bowes: mother, friend, and chicken soup connoisseur.