A Special Gift for College Students

College Student Gift

Ah, college. Where so many dreams of adults were made, and where so many goals of new attendees form. College certainly has its time for learning and fun, but it can undeniably be full of stress and pressure to perform. Projects can be challenging and exams, overwhelming. And then there are finals.

Help a College Student Today

With so much going on, college students are often hungry or under-nourished. If you have a child, friend, or family member in college, send them some nourishing comfort this semester. 
Send them a surprise college student care package of soup - homemade soup filled with essential ingredients needed for a healthy body and mind. This is good to calm and comfort anyone that is away from home.

The older we get, the more we overlook the power of simple pleasures in life. It's the simple things, simple acts, and simple gifts where we find real joy. Spoonful of Comfort’s chicken soup packaged with fresh rolls and cookies are among the simple pleasures in life.

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