Befriend a Breast Cancer Patient

Helping a Breast Cancer Patient

People suffering with breast cancer need all the physical and emotional support they can get from their family and friends. While some patients must be treated in the hospital, many other cancer patients today receive medical help without having to be admitted. Regardless of where patients are receiving treatment, however, it is important that they have the support of at least one family member or friend.

If you want to offer support to a cancer patient, here are a few ideas:

Write to them

Letters are a great way to establish a connection with those dealing with cancer. Hand-written mail may be old-fashioned, but it can suggest a personal touch and make someone feel like you are emotionally invested in their life.

Call them if you can't be there in person

Face-to-face visits are optimal when possible, but a call can mean a lot, too. Fix a specific time of the day when you can connect with your friend by phone. End your calls on a positive note, letting your friend know that you love them and that you have confidence in their strength. Be consistent. Call daily or weekly as appropriate.

Give them gifts

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but a thoughtful gift can show that you have invested effort into your friendship. Consider a book, a magazine, a framed picture, a monogrammed pillow, or a house plant.

Help them laugh

Cancer treatment can be very serious, so counteracting that with some levity can be very therapeutic. Share jokes or humorous books or online video links.

If you know someone suffering from breast cancer, give the gift of your time and friendship along with a cancer care package. Their load may be heavy, but your friendship can help make it bearable.