Being a Friend

Being A Friend For A Loved One

In our second segment recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we talk about how being a friend is often all that is needed to help someone going through cancer treatment. 

A simple smile can warm the heart of somebody experiencing chemotherapy. Scientists at the University of Kansas investigated the potential benefits of smiling. What was suggested is that a smile can lessen heart rate and minimize stress. Even if it’s hard to smile, a “fake” smile still can promote lowering anxiety.

When you’re going through cancer treatment, every bit help. Here are a few ways that may bring a smile to the special person in your life that needs an extra lift.


Help your friend “escape” with some entertaining media. A book to immerse themselves in can take them to another world. Or, a movie can occupy their mind with positive thoughts.

Connect with touch.

Positive thoughts and happiness in the mind are connected to the body’s well-being. Help your friend relax with an appointment for a soothing massage. If they don’t want to leave the house, offer them a back rub or foot massage in the comfort of their home. An at-home massage from a friend has bonus benefits anyway. Physical friendship interaction triggers oxytocin, the body’s natural feel-good chemical.

Take cooking off her plate.

Cancer treatment can wear you down, making even the simplest and most necessary actions hard, like eating. Take cooking off of your friend’s to-do list. Help them stay full of nutrition by preparing healthy meals for them. Don’t have time to cook yourself? Send them a thinking of you gift. We’ll even include a hand-written note with a message of your choice.

Alleviate household burdens.

House cleaning or doing the laundry may be simple for you, yet it can wear on somebody going through cancer treatment. Offer to stop by once a week and help with tasks like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.

Chauffeur, anyone?

If cooking and cleaning is a laborious task for your friend, just imagine how complicated of a process driving can be. Offer to drive your friend where they need; appointments, groceries, etc.