Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts for parents should be thoughtful and come from the heart. But finding just the right gift can be challenging. Don't worry! This guide will help you think of a great gift and offer some ideas to help get the ball rolling.

What are Some Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Parents?

Did you know there are themed wedding anniversary gifts for every year of marriage? Perhaps you've heard of the golden anniversary (50 years) or the silver 25th anniversary? Every wedding anniversary has a name or theme as a fun baseline when thinking up the perfect anniversary gift. Getting a symbolic gift might be the way you want to go. Below we've listed the first ten years as well as a few milestone anniversary symbols to give you an idea. 

 Year 1: Paper/Clocks

Year 2: Cotton/China

Year 3: Leather/Crystal/Glass

Year 4: Fruit/Flowers/Appliances

Year 5: Wood/Silverware

Year 6: Iron/Wood

Year 7: Copper/Desk Set

Year 8: Bronze/Linen/Lace

Year 9: Pottery/Leather

Year 10: Aluminum/Diamond Jewelry

Year 25: Sterling Silver

Year 50: Gold

Year 60: Diamond

What are Some Sentimental Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents’ Anniversary?

Sentimental gifts go beyond the price tag. They're about the relationship you share with the people receiving the gift, and about highlighting the anniversary celebration for the happy couple.

These can be inside jokes, handmade crafts, letters, or something personalized. Think about their wedding date, or a fun wedding gift they might have received years ago. Other great gifts include photo collages of the two/three of you, personalized jewelry, thoughtful cards, personalized picture books, family heirlooms, customized artwork, a monogrammed journal, a personalized photo calendar, or a customized photo puzzle.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can collect letters or video clips of friends and family expressing their love and compile them into a meaningful gift in either video or book form. As long as your gift idea is personalized and celebrates the special occasion, it will have sentimental value. 

What are Some Unique and Creative Anniversary Gifts for Parents?

The most unique gifts are ones that suit your parents’ personalities. If they like sports, you can get them a signed jersey or ball, or tickets for a game. If they love the beach, you can get them some seashell art. If they like books, you can take them to a bookstore and let them pick some out. Everyone has something they love, so find out what it is and go from there.

  • Massage chair
  • A customized photo album
  • Commemorative artwork
  • Printed and framed vows
  • Personalized pillows or blankets
  • Zen tea set
  • Their favorite tea or coffee
  • Luggage set
  • Record players with their favorite records
  • Ice bowl for beverages
  • Silk sheet set

What are Some Budget-Friendly Anniversary Gift Options for Parents?

If you're on a tight budget, it might be worth trying to hand-make something. Even if you're not crafty, you can do many things to make a thoughtful gift, such as writing letters, creating your artwork, or collecting pictures and making a collage or photo album.

You can also take them on a picnic, a hike, or to a museum that might love. Experiences are often some of the greatest gifts because they create memories.

If you have kids, you could encourage them to draw pictures or write notes for a homemade happy anniversary card. The simplest things are among the greatest anniversary gifts for parents.

What are Some Memorable Anniversary Gift Experiences for Parents?

If getting the happy couple "stuff" just isn't what you want to do, start thinking outside the box. For example: date night! Could you find a gift card for a restaurant that you think would be fun for them to try? Is it possible to take them back to where they first met? What about a museum or exhibit that features one of your parents' interests?

If you have others pitching in, you could even consider sending them on vacation to their dream destination. While physical gifts can fade away with time, preserved memories of a special day will last forever. 

What are Some High-Tech Anniversary Gift Options for Parents?

If your parents are older, they may not be as familiar with technology as you are. However, that doesn't mean they can't use it to make their lives a little easier. As a bonus, they might even enjoy the time you spend together as you teach them how to use it. Here are a couple of useful technology gifts for your parents. 

  • Video frame/changing photo frame: These will allow your parents to watch videos or see several photos in one picture frame. It can sit on their mantle, piano, or counter, where they can see a new picture every time they enter the room. 
  • Sleep aid machine: This machine is perfect for parents with trouble sleeping. There are kinds that play white noise and music while emitting a gentle, soothing light. 
  • Bluetooth vinyl record player: This is a unique gift because it will bring back memories, but you don't have to deal with skipping music since they run on Bluetooth. 
  • 3-in-1 charging hub: These useful hubs are perfect for your bedside table. They have a digital clock as well as charging docks for your phone and your wireless earbuds. 
  • Temperature control mug: If you have parents that leave around their half-drunk mugs, you can get them a temperature-control mug, so they never worry about their coffee or tea getting cold. 
  • Amazon Kindle: As you probably know, these tablets are made for reading books. As a bonus, you can buy your parents a subscription so they can access thousands of books and read as much as they want without having to lug around stacks of physical books. 
  • Video doorbell: These great doorbells are made by several brands and can help your parents quickly address whoever is at the door and heighten their security as they grow older. 
  • Sound speaker: These incredible speakers make your home feel like a movie theater. If your parents love movies or are hard of hearing, they will love this gift. 

What are Some Anniversary Gifts That Can Help Parents Relax and Unwind?

If your parents have stressful jobs or a lot of responsibilities (and even if they don’t!), they may want to relax and unwind on their anniversary. Much like a Mother's Day gift basket ideas, you could make your own gift basket and fill it with a few items below to make a unique anniversary gift. 

  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Heating neck/back pad
  • Bath foam/bath bombs/shower steamers
  • Porch hammock chair/porch swing
  • Foot massager machine
  • Herbal tea set
  • Silk/bamboo pajamas
  • Weighted blanket
  • Incense and incense holder
  • Fluffy bathrobe
  • Electric space heater

How Spoonful of Comfort Can Help

No matter what gift you choose to get your parents for their anniversary, it will be special because it's coming from you.

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