Care Packages

There is a caretaker in all of us, yes, it may be deep inside some of us, and for others the inside care taker is just waiting to be deployed into service. Obviously a caretaker is someone who takes care of a person who provides care; a parent, or other guardian. There are many forms of a caretaker; it could mean the caretaker of a property, a common area, or even a facility. Whatever person or group that you have the privilege of caring for, take the time to show them a little extra affection one day with a care package from Spoonful of Comfort.

Being a caretaker is an incredibly rewarding and challenging career. Unless you have been a caretaker before it truly is one of those things that you need to experience to be able to understand the intensity, the environment, the hours, the emotions, and we applaud you and so very grateful for all you do to help others!

A few years ago, I embarked upon a typical journey to the doctor, as so many of us have done over the years, to get some professional help for my daughter who was in the midst of a mid seasons winter flu bug that seemed to take control of her entire school class. The office manager politely handed me the paper work prior to seeing the doctor that we fill out to disclose the symptoms and the any other pertinent information that may be helpful. And at the end a signature is required; however, my John Hancock was needed as the "Guardian" for my daughter.

Two things hit me in my light bulb moment. First, I was in the club, I am officially and legally a parent! Second, I am not just a parent; I was the CARE TAKER for my kids… Like any parent will tell you, nature has incredible gift it provides us all called maternal instincts. And wow, they are powerful! They can bring a smile as big as a rainbow, they can fill a bath tub with tears, they can grow finger nails out like Freddy Krueger instantly to protect, they can make you feel like a super hero, or a super goat in seconds.

One thing as a caretaker we all have in common is the feeling of wanting to help and take care of your loved ones, family, and friends, when that pit in your stomach is raging, and all the events we go through in the circle of life. When the phone rings and a loved one was in a car accident, or diagnosed with cancer, new baby, death of a parent, are all earth moving events that happen to us. We want to do something, we need to do something, we need to send caring, and the quicker the better. It makes everyone feel better.

We can’t plan for life’s curve balls thrown at us but we sure can have a plan for how we can respond to it. And as a caretaker, it is important to our loved ones to feel just how much they mean to us and how special they are to us. Something as simple as a care package can do just that. It’s important when the need to mobilize and become a caretaker that we send the right message that conveys exactly how we feel inside and how that translates to our loved ones. Its personal, and personal events call for personal caring, even if it is as simple as a gift basket.

Many events in life, especially ones that are not pleasant, sometimes even unfathomable, can put us in an awkward situation. One in which we care so dearly and want to do something so desperately but just don’t know what to do. We have all been there. Don’t get paralyzed by the moment, slow down, take a deep breathe and let your caretaker instincts take over.

Spoonful of Comfort is proud of our caretakers. We invite you to share your caretaking or care package gift giving story with us. A single mother, father, a happy couple, a brother, or Grandparents, we are all united as a caretaker and a quest to provide as much love and care humanly possible for those special relationships in our lives.

Spoonful of Comfort offers a variety of care packages that we are confident will send the right message and feel like it was made and packaged by Grandma herself. If you ever find yourself with that empty pit in your stomach, and your inner caretaker is taking control, Spoonful of Comfort can help you send the most personal of messages with our care packages. All care packages include a custom hand written note at your request to that sends the right message for any situation. No matter what event life will throw at you, a Spoonful of Comfort care package will be ready for you to send. From "thinking of you", "sympathy", "thank you", "happy Mother’s Day or Father’s Day", "new baby", "the passing of a loved one", to "welcome home military" or any holiday or event, we guarantee our care packages will make the Caretaker in you proud. They will feel better and so will you.