Comfort Baskets

Types of Comfort Baskets

To soothe, console, or reassure; bring cheer, to make physically comfortable is the definition of the word "comfort" according to

We all could use a little comfort from time to time for a variety of reasons. Comfort is a powerful word but the true power in comfort is the ability to provide it to one in need, and comfort baskets can do just that. The circle of life and growing from a child to an adult presents the need to be personally comforted and the art of providing personal comfort to others.

Comfort can mean a lot of things that can vary in style but all result in the same way. Comfort can be intensely complicated, like the loss of a loved one, or gesture of goodwill "Welcome to the neighborhood." Comfort can be personal "it’s a healthy baby boy!"

Comfort baskets can be business professional delivered with style and class with corporate gifts.  It sends the message that "We recognize your sacrifice, dedication and hard work to this company and want to personally thank you for it."

Comfort baskets can be cultural, a way of life, an opportunity to shine. Southern comfort is both a manner of how you would treat a new neighbor, and also foods that themselves provide comfort.

Providing comfort can be the difference in feeling alone or together. Comfort baskets make the fight worth fighting. Comfort makes you not only want more of it but more of each other.

Comfort baskets recognize the personal turmoil that touches most of us and all of us in time that brings us to our knees with the thought of change and fear. "Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer." I needed some sort of hospital get well gift or cancer caring package to do something to comfort her and the pit in my stomach.

Comfort baskets bring a calm end to the night, not a sleepless night.

Comfort Soup

Comfort soup is a gift to be able to help one in need. An opportunity to make a difference at any given time and moment in their lives.

Comfort does not need to be lavish and has no correlation to how much money spent. The ultimate comfort can impact a person for a lifetime and provide a memory of a lifetime.

Comfort is a teacher.

We at Spoonful of Comfort recognize the power in providing comfort and feel that our gourmet soup is the ideal way to provide comfort soup to someone that you care about.

College Student Care Packages

A sick child in their first year away from home in college is a common but difficult situation. As a parent, we look for ways to provide comfort to them anywhere they may be. Parents feel their children’s turmoil. Sending student care packages and comfort packages personally sends the right message of caring and understanding. Parents take personal comfort knowing their children are being offered care packages from a far. Student care packages provides a comfort that makes everyone feel better.

Care packages provide the opportunity to sooth a crying baby, comfort recognizes our brave military thousands of miles away from their sacrificing so much for our liberties, and watching their children grow, their families holidays, and the daily fear their loved ones feel for them.

One of our customers writes about their experience sending one of our college student care packages.

I didn’t really ever imagine that my kids would not only grow up, they did, and the 18 years in our house feels more like 8. I remember my parents telling me how quickly your children grow up, and luckily I did my best to cherish all the ups and downs over the years. The first words, the first lost tooth, the first trip to the ER, T-Ball, and the pure joy and fear when I let go of the bike and miracously, kept chugging along, Then the teenage years came.. I learned that my kids were non documented self geniouses because they knew everything at the ripe age of 13. The pure joy we all felt when their sports team claimed victory and how much agony they felt in their losses. How much I knew I didn’t want to tell them that our dog, Willy, went to doggie heaven after 14 years of unquestioned love and loyalty.

Then came prom, which to me similar to the Fall leaves indicating Old Man winter is nearing, Prom meant, my babies were graduating soon and growing up and off to college.

I was fully aware of the term "Empty Nestor", I just never believed I would be one. And just because I am an empty nester now, doesn’t mean that my kids don’t need me anymore nor I am willing to retire the Mommy in me.

I invested way too many sleepless nights wiping a cold cloth on their fever bearing foreheads, changing diapers, teaching the ABC’s, recitals, broken bones, stitches, broken hearts, hurt feelings, and I realized that I became pretty darn good at it, and I may not need to make my Grandmothers secret formula for diaper rashes anymore, and perhaps I am technically not a Mommy anymore, but I still am a Mom, and I still can do Motherly things for my grown up kids.

My kids will always be just that, my babies, I don’t care how old they get. And I think deep down inside them, they still like the notion of it.

It seemed like the older they got, the harder it was find things they liked w/out them telling me. I have concluded that may never change, but I also know I am not going to stop trying.

I got the ultimate compliment from my college kid, of course in the form of a text.. but, truth be told, I would love to hear their voice, but happy to hear from them in any form including a smoke signal if need be!

"Mom, this is waaaaaaaay cool and yummy. Miss and love you."

After 15 minutes of tearing up and missing them sooooo much, I realized that I hit the mark, and my freshman child struggling to cope with dorm life, dorm food, homesickness, (if they only knew how I felt!) to getting his first bout of the Flu w/out me and my cold compress…

It reinforced something I realized, they will always be my kids, and I will always be there Mommy. And being a Mommy means you hurt for them and want to comfort them in a meaningful Mommy way.

Spoonful of Comfort allowed Mommy to extend her cold cloth via the mailbox with the ultimate comfort gift box. It made me feel better that I can still provide the comfort I have always given them, and they felt I really understood what they were going thru and was a very personal and emotional moment for all of us that allowed me to comfort them the way I needed to do but from a far.

Comfort Packages

Here are some easy ways to provide comfort. Remember, comfort is an opportunity to act, and it is better to act than not.

Ideas for comfort packages on a budget:

  • Turn the computer and email off! Take a pen and pad out and write a personal note. Nothing comforts more than the personal power of words.
  • Consider writing your son or daughter a letter, send a card, a quite room can allow the solitude to write the things felt, but always are comforting to read.
  • Feeling brave? Try skyping that loved one and telling them face to face via a webcam just how you feel. Skype is free for Skype to Skype users and with a newer computer, relatively easy to set up and get started.

Not feeling that brave? Well, pick up the phone and listen... in times of comfort, being lectured is not the time.  Listen intently, and create a warm environment for them to talk about it with you.

Other comfort package Ideas:

  • Send a motivational book that captures the essence of the situation. Experiences are shared and as the ease of communication and movement of data continues to evolve and grow, so does the ability to share insight. Recognition is in itself a powerful form of comfort.
  • Send them to the spa for a massage. Comfort packages can come in the form of kneading fingers. An hour massage can transform the clouded mind into an absolute clarity. And they will thank you for it.
  • Send a meal as a comfort package.  So many opportunities to comfort can be in the form of food. And they can be a powerful to make both parties feel better. We tend to neglect the body in many situations and a meal comforting meal can nourish their body and soul and make you feel better in the process also.

Spoonful of Comfort will offer more comfort package ideas and please share any ideas you may have also! Comforting means many things and how you interpret comfort leads you to do something. And the key to comforting is just that, do something.